Shop Your Closet-Summer 2020 Edition

It’s been a really long time since I’ve done a shop your closet post, and since we may not be shopping as much as we used to (raised hand emoji), it’s long over due.

You may or may not know, but I keep my clothes I love for a REALLY LONG TIME! I’m super picky about what actually makes it into my closet, so you can be sure I love the things that make the cut.

Besides getting a good cost per wear out of my clothes, I feel like I’m helping the planet by wearing my clothes for a long time and not discarding or donating things all the time. (I mean can we always be 100% certain what happens to things we donate?)

Interestingly, when I simply think about my closet and try to think of new combinations of clothes, I’m totally convinced I can’t do it. I’ve learned I have to get IN my closet and try combinations together. Then I’m always surprised how many combos I can make.

So today I’m going to walk you through exactly how I shop my closet using my high waisted, liberty print shorts I bought toward the end of summer 3 years ago.

As far as shorts go, these are a little dressier than how I usually think of “shorts.”

I loved the idea that I could look a little nicer while still wearing my shorts! Since shorts are even more stylish for summer 2020 than they were a few years ago, I now feel like I can wear them to almost any summer event from shopping in Cherry Creek North to social distancing patio parties!

Outfit 1

This is the top I bought to go with the shorts. I always recommend buying complete outfits unless you’re absolutely certain you’ll be able to make outfits with what you already own.  And I was certain I didn’t have anything at home to wear with the shorts.

I had this linen tank top (also J. Crew) when I bought the shorts, but I was convinced I couldn’t wear them together, because it breaks my “how to wear high waisted shorts if you’re short waisted,” theory.

But one day, I decided to try them on together for the heck of it, and loved the look! I should note…neither coral top is the exact shade that’s in the print, but that’s absolutely fine. No one from the fashion police has come up to me with a magnifying glass yet! Ha ha!

Feeling like I was kind of on a roll, I headed back into my closet and came up with this off the shoulder, ruched navy top. Again, I’d never thought it would work because of the whole short waisted thing and I’d also never tucked in a ruched top, but I love the way it looks!

Granted, a fitted, tucked in top with high waisted shorts, isn’t my very best silhouette, but I feel modern and stylish enough…can’t always stick to rules!

Last but not least, is one of my favorite outfit formulas. My “star” piece with a white top and jean jacket. In my book, a great denim jacket and white top looks great with just about everything!

I feel kind of like I was cheating with the last combo, but hey…it works! (Although I don’t see needing a jacket any time soon #hotsummer!)

By shopping my closet, I got 4 complete outfits* from just one pair of shorts. Unless high waisted shorts go completely out of style, I can see wearing these shorts outfits  for several years without getting sick of them.

*I could actually add the jacket over all of the tops, but I know I won’t unless I take the jacket with me and some how get cold.

Now then…over to you! I invite you to go into your closet and experiment with shopping your “personal boutique.” I urge you to actually try on pieces together even if you have their doubts about them. I’m certain you’ll be pleased with your results.

Will you shop your closet? Let me know in the comments!

And if you’re stuck and need some help, let’s set a time to talk. I’d be thrilled to help you create a wardrobe you love with lots of possibilities!

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