Sex in the City

I finally went to see Sex and the City on Saturday. The fashion and shoes were amazing! (I was never a viewer of the series–no HBO.) There was a great scene where the bridal party was getting into the limo to take them to the wedding ceremony. The wedding planner was organizing the women, identifying them by the color dress they were wearing. First he called out “Red” referring to Miranda. Then, “Blue” for Samantha, and finally he calls for “Black, ” or Charlotte. She wasn’t near the limo, so he calls again, “Black, where’s Black?”

It got me thinking. Everyone has heard the cliche, “You are what you eat.” Truly, I believe, “You are what you wear.” People identify us by what we wear, especially if they’ve just met us. And we have the ability to bring out our personalities through our clothes as well as to dress to be perceived however we’d like.

I found it interesting that the movie’s costume designer chose black as the color for the character Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress. Black is typically thought of as mysterious, dark, serious, sexy, etc. Charlotte’s character is forever sunny, optimistic, girly, and happy. Yellow or even pink would have matched her character better. On the other hand, perhaps the very clever Patricia Field was allowing Charlotte to be her alter ego for the day.

What color are you?

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