Secret to Layering Without Looking Bulky

You’ve heard it before, “layer, layer, layer,” but how do you layer without looking and feeling like the Michelin man? Steer clear of chunky knits and stick with light layers!  Here are a few ideas and tips to get you started. (Feel free to adjust to your climate and “personal thermostat.”)

Layering Casual Weekend Wear

 Whether you’re holiday shopping, having a snowball fight with your kids or even going out for a casual bite with friends, you want to be cute and comfy.

Start with a tank top or silk or micro-fiber base layer (top and bottom) for all three of the following ideas.

  • Try a cashmere V-neck sweater with a super soft, cozy scarf added at the neck. Top with a wool coat with a Thinsulate lining. On bottom add flared jeans and heeled boots…think Love Story.
  • A thick plaid flannel shirt over a long sleeved t-shirt and half tucked into jeans is a fun, trendy option. Top with a down “sweater” vest. Distressed jeans are super cute with tights peeking out.
  • Tuck fleece lined, black leggings into snow boots. Next match your sweater to your thigh length, puffer jacket for extra-warmth without sacrificing style.

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Layering for the office

 As with weekend wear, start with camisoles and tank tops as your base; however, you may feel a bit sleeker in silk versus microfiber base layers.

  • A fine gauge, V-neck, cardigan under a wool/wool blend blazer gives the look of a vest with added warmth. A silk scarf at your neck helps warm your torso. Try this combo with matching (suit) or coordinating pants.
  • Prefer skirts? Try pantyhose under tights or even double layer your tights. A cashmere maxi cardigan creates an interesting, yet professional ensemble.
  • Opt for long sleeved dresses or layer sleeveless frocks over thin, dressy turtlenecks or blouses. Still cold? Add an unexpected leather or denim jacket on top.

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Layering for date night

Yes you can layer and still look sexy, but for date night, pare down a bit more than usual. After all, you’ve got your honey to help keep you warm.

  • Amp up the warmth of an edgy, sleeveless tunic sweater with a tissue weight, long sleeved T underneath. Sport black skinny jeans or legging on bottom, and top it all with a leather motorcycle jacket.
  • Go for cute and sexy with a mini skirt and cable knit or Fair Isle print sweater tights. Add a fitted turtleneck and waist length shearling jacket for a ‘60’s vibe.
  • For an extra sexy, “hot” look, over the knee boots, tights and a body conscious sweater dress fit the bill perfectly. An infinity scarf and a mixed media coat create textural interest.

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All of these layering ideas give you plenty of options for adding and shedding pieces all without ever looking or feeling bulky!

What’s your layering style?

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