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The Groundhog saw his shadow, so we’re in for at least 6 more weeks of winter. Considering that in Colorado we can have 60 degree days in February and snowstorms in spring, that doesn’t mean a lot to us. How can you dress for such crazy weather? Read below for both professional dress and casual solutions for layering.

I’m a huge fan of layering, especially with jackets.  Given the shortage of long sleeved blouses and short sleeved shells in the stores, we’re presented with a challenge when we want to take our jackets off.

Luckily, fashion has taken a turn and given us a solution that works for everyone no matter what your personal style. We’re seeing ¾ length and long sleeved, lightweight, button-up cardigans worn underneath jackets. When you get a little warm, instead of suffering, simply shed the jacket and you still have a layered look that’s appropriate without losing your authority and credibility. The following are a few ideas to try:
* A lightweight printed cardigan over a collared blouse worn under a suit jacket. It’s a great way to add life to a basic suit.
* A lightweight, round necked, cardigan buttoned to the neck over a camisole worn with layered necklaces. On top of the sweater goes your blazer or suit jacket. Take the jacket off; undo a few buttons and you’ve still got a polished, professional look.
* A lightweight v-neck cardigan worn over a blouse or shell topped with a blazer or suit jacket. In this case, the sweater looks a bit like a menswear vest. (Imagine this cardigan under a gray suit.)  I tried this look out the other day when I went to work in a client’s closet. I didn’t end up taking the jacket off, but I loved the idea that I could!

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