SATC 2-Do you Melt for Miranda’s Style?

More than any other Sex and the City character, Miranda’s style has evolved the most. In Sex and the City 2, Miranda, the no-nonsense lawyer and mother of the group is on vacation and at last able to let her hair down and loosen up from her suits.

Although Miranda is still “the one who wears suits,” they’re beautiful suits and jackets with the gorgeous shoes the show is known for. In addition to suits, she wears elegant, work appropriate dresses in both silk and more substantial fabrics.

As for Miranda’s off-work and vacation clothing, she has branched out into bold tribal and ethnic prints in opulent fabrics. (Look for more of this fabric trend in the fall!) Edgy dresses in silk jersey are also star players in her wardrobe. And Miranda’s accessories are earthy, fun and a little bit funky.

Color is absolutely key to Miranda’s style. With her fabulous red hair and green eyes, she is always certain to wear autumnal colors as well as red, royal blue, and black.

While most women I meet love how daring Carrie is with her style, I have to admit, Miranda is inching up on Carries heels…Louboutin heels that is!

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