My husband and I went to the nursery yesterday to buy rose bushes. You see, our backyard is landscaped, but we have very few flowers.

I had always heard that roses are a lot of work, but my father lately has been insisting they’re not. We were all excited to get the roses and finally have a beautiful backyard. So we went in the nursery, and although I’ve browsed through roses before, I suddenly felt as though I was in a foreign country. Looking through trying to decipher the types, etc. I got completely overwhelmed. My head was spinning and suddenly I was wondering about like a zombie! Seriously, I was even nauseated.

A nursery consultant told us all about the watering and feeding and pruning, and all I wanted to do was go home. We opted not to buy roses and went to a smaller nursery to start looking at other plants. We got great advice from the nursery owner, but we were still overwhelmed trying to make some choices. He suggested a website for ideas and making a plan. We were relieved and went home! Albeit not empty handed. I did buy one flower for a pot!

If you’re wondering what this has to do with image or fashion, I have to say that I truly know what my clients mean when tell me they get overwhelmed when they go shopping. We left the house with a vague notion of what we wanted, but no plan, which is really a lot like going to the mall in search of a new outfit without thinking about what you really want or need. I can’t say enough for planning and making a list and doing research as to what you like before you go shopping for clothes. It helps cut down on the confusion and allows you to focus.

I’m excited to make a plan for our backyard and have a successful trip to the garden center!

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