Retro Look-Classic Color Scheme

I got an e-mail the other day from Anthropologie and even after going to the web site haven’t been able to delete it. I absolutely love this look!  With this next statement, you’ll think I’m crazy, but I could never wear the sweater (wrong green-wrong pattern-too bulky,) and I’m not crazy about plaid. What I like is the color combination, black/white/green. (I typically wear more of a lime or apple green over the grass green.) It’s a classic color combo and can be worn year round; And it’s perfectly professional (business casual) to boot!

The skirt? While I don’t love plaid, I again like the color combo—on the bottom. We so often see prints on the upper body-more difficult for us inverted triangles, (bigger on top than on bottom.) The other aspect of the whole look that I love is that it’s a touch retro. We’re going to be seeing a lot more skirt silhouettes for fall. This skirt is a cross between an A-Line and a Full skirt, so it adds a little width to the lower body, but not too many “calories” like a full skirt would.

Were it not for the lightweight, printed blouse, the whole look might be a little too Catholic school girl. The lightweight fabric and airy print add just the right amount of interest to work against the strong checks. Lastly, in keeping with the retro style, the model is wearing a cute barrette—more girly than professional, but the hairstyle itself is both retro and office worthy! I think I’m going shopping in my closet!

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