Professional Shoe Trends for Spring 2015

Ah, shoes! What woman doesn’t love them? I mean, no matter what they always fit, right?

I’d like to share a little secret with you. Even though I’ve always been into fashion, before I started my business as a Denver image consultant and stylist, I was super practical with my shoes. There were many self-imposed rules. For example, one pair in a color was enough. And I had limits for how much I would spend on any pair of shoes. (I’m not recommending throwing your budget out the window, but I was a little ridiculous about it.)

Then one day a switch in me flipped, and I became a shoe lover! The thing I love most about shoes is that just like any other accessory they can express your personality and completely change the look of an outfit. Plus, they can instantly upgrade the look of a professional outfit.

In my last post, I touched on how to wear sandals to the office and the flat shoe trend. Today I’d like to expand on the subject and talk a little more about my professional, favorite shoe styles for spring 2015. Shoes can be the trickiest part of an outfit to get right, so follow these guidelines, and you’ll be able to update your spring style with a trip to the shoe store alone!

Here are my top picks for spring shoes:

Pointy Toes

Most popular are the single sole pumps (a.k.a. sans platform) but pointy toe flats also rule the season. The number one thing to know is that if these shoes fit properly, they can usually be comfortable. The big plus is that they elongate your legs! There couldn’t be a more professional choice, especially if you work in a conservative field or are making presentation in front of an audience.

spring shoe trends



Not exactly a new concept, but nude is the perfect spring/summer neutral for a shoe. Like the pointy toe, nude shoes, in the right shade for your skin tone, make your legs look a mile long, making you look taller, which is always an advantage in business.

Ankle straps

Ankle strap shoes are a classic and there are many interesting looks to choose from. You’ll find everything from delicate ankle straps to chunky straps on both flats and heels. If you’re petite or don’t love your legs, consider low contrast ankle straps to prevent cutting your legs off at the top of the ankle strap.


Essentially the front of the foot and the heel are covered, leaving the middle of the foot bare. This is an elegant shoe, which in more conservative offices may be a little too bare. However, if sandals are the norm in your office, but you’re a little shy to show your toes, the D’Orsay in a heeled or flat is a great alternative.

As always, whenever you’re in doubt about the shoe style to choose for an outfit, remember a dressy shoe will elevate the look of almost any outfit. Conversely, a too casual shoe will drag the outfit down.

Like what you see here but you’re still not sure what shoes will suit you?  Schedule a free consultation with me, and we can talk about how you can confidently walk out the door in style every day!

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