Pearl Jewelry Trend Spring 2016

Pearls are certainly a classic in the jewelry world, but modern pearls are enjoying a trend revival in the fashion world for spring 2016. Before you dive into your jewelry box and pull out your grandmother’s pearls or the 16” strand you wore in your best friend’s wedding, take heed. The most professional way to wear pearls it to look for updated styles (which are still plenty professional) or combine your pearls with other jewelry to show your creativity and savvy.

Statement chokers

Definitely not your ‘90’s choker, pearl collars create the perfect focal point inside blouse collars at the base of your neck. Or go minimalistic with a simple choker with pearl ends.

Encrusted into cuffs

Pearls aren’t limited to necklaces! They’re a perfect investment for your wrist!


Strand on Strand

Follow Coco Chanel’s lead and layer several long strands of pearls. Only have one strand? Simply combine the opulent, white beads with other colored beads. Of course, pearls and black beads are a classic. Be careful not to slip on too many necklaces at once, as it could become distracting in the boardroom. Then when you’re getting ready for post work drinks, feel free to pile ‘em on!

Colorful pearls

If white pearls bore you to tears, there are black pearls (hello Tahiti!) and other beautiful, natural dyed pearls. And there’s no reason you can’t combine strands of varied colored pearls for a look all your own.

Give me an ear-full!

No discussion of pearls would be complete without talking about earrings. If you prefers studs, you’re in luck! Try a pair of large studs with a smaller pearl as the back. Or feel free to turn them around for fun.

As with updated hoops, look at modern dangles with pearls on the end. Or try a large mother of pearl earring to make a statement.

Whether you prefer to combine your strands of pearls with other beads and chains or your ready to explore modern styles of pearls. It’s an investment in your professional image you can’t miss with.



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