Parisian Suits

Even though most of the women I saw in Paris were dressed in a business casual mode, a few days into my trip, I saw a few women in suits. They were traditional pantsuits with an interesting twist. The women tied sweaters around their necks as was the popular ‘80’s style here in the U.S.

The sweaters they were sporting around their necks appeared to be very slim styles made of very smooth, lightweight knits, probably cotton/silk blends. The few that I saw were light colors and were very carefully placed, folded and tucked just so, so that the sweater lied flat in a slim column down the center of the back. (I’m guessing this is one of those “accessories” like a scarf that takes quite a bit of work at first, then it’s easy.)

At first I was pretty lukewarm about the trend, but then I got to thinking about it. It’s really quite genius. Let’s say you work in the corporate world and conservative dark suits are your norm. In a sense, the sweater becomes your accessory, allowing you a bit of color and femininity to your ensemble.

If you’re able to find a sweater set to pull all of this off with, your mix and match option are tenfold! One caveat-don’t wear the shell under the suit jacket when tying the cardigan—too contrived.

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