My Top 6 2022 Spring Trends

It’s here…My annual, 2022 spring trends report is back! 

I know everyone’s been working from home for a while…ok, quite a while…and you don’t think you need anything. 

Well, I have 2 schools of thought on that: 

  1. Something new for spring in a fun color, hint-hint, can be the shot in the arm you need that’s going to make you feel AMAZING! 
  2. Even if you have your screen turned off for all of your meetings, you have other things going on in your life. And don’t you want to feel fresh for those? 

Ok! All done there! Now I want to share my Top 5 2022 Spring Trends.  

Oh, and I have a bonus trend too that I know you’re going to love! 

I’ve focused on trends that can be worn professionally but can also be styled to wear casually, or even dressy! 

I know as a professional woman that you want styles that can be worn multiple ways and are going to stay in style for a while. 

Drum roll please…

My Top 6 2022 Spring Trends

1. Color! 

Oh my gosh! There is so much color to be had this spring. I’d have to say bright colors are the very biggest trend, but really I’m seeing everything…Brights, mid-tones and pastels. 

So no matter your color preferences, there’s something for everyone! 

Just click each item photo to shop.  I make a small commission from your purchase at no additional cost to you. Let me know if I can assist you with a purchase. Thanks for your support! 

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2022 Spring Trends

2022 Spring Trends2022 Spring Trends


2. Color blocking or head-to-toe color

If you were wondering just how to wear all of this color, you’re in luck. The most stylish ways to wear color are: 

  • Color blocking, or 2 non-neutral colors, worn right next to each other. 
  • One color from head to toe, either one hue worn in light and dark shades or all the same shade.

And if wearing color in your wardrobe is new to you…I know it can be a big step…it’s perfectly fine to pick a color and wear it with neutrals. 

White paired with brights feel especially fresh. 

3. Oversize blazers

Oversized jackets can be tricky. What is dramatic and “fashiony” for the runway and media usually doesn’t translate to real life or real bodies. 

My advice on this trend is to not go too oversize for the office. 

Maybe interpret this spring trend as a little longer and/or slightly slouchy. 

Recently, I tried on a hot pink jacket that in size M (my norm) wasn’t fitted and was long in the body and sleeves. I passed. It did nothing for me. 

Instead, I’ve ordered a  a hot pink, longer length fitted blazer. I feel like the longer length is new, but the fitted shape flatters me best. 

 Love the oversize fit? If it’s especially boxy, it can look masculine so pair it with something feminine like a silky camisole or fitted knit tank.  Or think about belting it.

2022 Spring Trends


4. Classic shirt dresses

Alright, shirt dresses have been around since June Cleaver, but what’s new is the variety. 

They’re showing up as casual or dressy; oversized, or fitted; belted or not. They can even be worn as duster over pants, jeans and stirrup leggings! 

Choose heels, kitten heels, flats or sneakers depending on your personal style and office style. 

2022 Spring Trends

This is a UK size; check the size chart.

2022 Spring Trends

2022 Spring Trends

This would be so cute over white jeans for a casual conference.


5. Stripes

In a season of lots of solid colors, stripes are welcome for all you print lovers. 

I haven’t seen a ton of stripes yet, mostly some linen pieces, but it’s early in the season.

If you love stripes, but don’t think you can wear stripes, you so need to check out this post and this one too. 

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2022 Spring Trends

This will be longer unless you’re tall.

2022 Spring Trends

6. Knitted tanks

I know…earth shattering news!

But seriously! This is exciting. These have been missing from fashion for years.

This trend isn’t your basic tank top but instead…sweater knit. Knitted tanks are great basics for under jackets for work! 

And on their own with pants or a casual skirt, you have a much more polished outfit (than you would with a basic, everyday tank top.) 

Wear this outfit for:

  •  a baby shower, 
  • girls night out or 
  • date night. 
Lime green sweater tank

Psst…there’s a matching cardigan…not your mother’s sweater set!

2022 Spring Trends

7. Pearlcore

There seems to be “core” everything these days. It started with “norm core” and now there’s “cottage core” and even “fairycore” so why not “pearlcore”? 

Pearlcore is all about…you guessed it…pearls. 

Make no mistake…don’t just pull out your grandma’s pearls and call it good. 

Here’s how to make the trend work: 

  • Combine g-ma’s pearls with something cool, like a bunch of other long strands and brooches. 
  • Choose interesting pearls. My favorites are called circle pearls. They’re irregularly shaped. 
  • Wear pearls on or combined with chunky metal chains. 
  • Pearls on a top, jacket, shoe or purse…your choice! 

2022 Spring Trends

2022 Spring Trends

2022 Spring Trends

Bonus Trend: Relaxed pants, cargo pants

After years of leggings and skinny pants, the trend has swung the opposite way. 

Loose, relaxed pants are the most popular silhouette going! Ah…so comfortable! 

Think wide leg pants and jeans, flared jeans, joggers, straight leg pants and relaxed cargo pants. 

Relaxed pants are perfect for the office, weekend casual and going out…

And even though these pants are relaxed, you’ll still want to be particular about the fit for your very best look! 

2022 Spring Trends

These are UK sizing, check the size chart.

2022 Spring Trends

So as you can see…there is a lot of freshness for spring and such a tremendous variety of styles. Which are your favorites?

Wondering which kinds of styles will work best for your professional and business casual wardrobe? Contact me and we create a plan for you!

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