My Top 10 Fall 2020 Trends


This year’s Fall Trend Report is just a little different. It’s 2020, can you honestly think of anything that hasn’t been a little different or A LOT different?

I’ve been talking to lots of professional women lately and every single one of them has told me their biggest style challenge is “what to wear working from home that’s super comfortable.”

You want to look pulled together but aren’t sure what to wear that’s not your favorite old college sweatshirt but it’s not even quite business casual.

Many of you have told me you have plenty of work clothes for later, (but check out this post if you don’t,) but this casual but not too casual realm is a big hole in your closet.

So I’m reporting the trends of course, but for the most part keeping it all comfy and casual! As an image consultant with a specialty in professional dress, I always like to give you a few tips on how you can look professional and still maintain your brand during these crazy times.

I know there are probably more pressing issues in your life right now than following trends.  But when you want to fill that hole I mentioned in the last paragraph, you might as well fill it with current yet practical clothes and accessories.

One last thing then on to the trends…Other than a continuation of high waists and wide leg pants, there don’t seem to be any new pant trends of note. With my fall recommendations, skip your sweats and opt for comfortable knit and silky elastic waist (yes!) pants.

Top 10 Fall 2020 Comfortable Trends

  1. Natural tones

Natural tones, i.e. camel, beige, tan, brown and oatmeal just to name, easily lend themselves to a monochromatic color scheme. I love this trend for comfy work from home clothes, because it’s so easy and effortless.

You’ll find lots of cozy sweaters available in these hues. Everyone can wear these light neutrals…you just need to find the perfect shade for your skin tone.

Just click each item photo to shop. Scroll across to see all items in the collage. I make a small commission from your purchase at no additional cost to you. Let me know if I can assist you with a purchase. Thanks for your support! You can see all of my top pics on my storefront. 


  1. Shearling Outerwear

When you just have to get out of the house, shearling outerwear comes to the rescue! It’s occurred to me that as long as there isn’t precipitation, we’re probably going to be dining al fresco long into the fall. This may be the year to beef up your coat capsule.

  1. Punk and Prep Plaids

Punk plaids are bolder; think bright tartans. Prep plaids are bound to be a bit subtler. There’s something for everyone. An oversized plaid blazer is so cute with straight cut jeans, slouchy drawstring pants or even leggings.


  1. Built in baubles/chains

Chains are a huge accessory trend for 2020, whether it be chunky chain necklaces or a chain handle handbag. This trend, should you choose it, negates the need for accessories. Jewelry and other baubles are built right into the clothing! (Hey, it’s one less thing to think about when you’re getting dressed for a Zoom call.)

  1. Polo neck sweaters

Collars frame your face beautifully on the video screen, and now you don’t have to give up stretchy comfort for the sake of professionalism. Most of these sweaters are fairly fitted too, which I think is a great on camera look.

*It’s easy to look wide on the monitor simple because you’re sitting, and sometimes the camera angle may be just a bit off.

  1. Statement cardigans/Jardigans

Never before have we needed our torsos to look as on trend as now. Cardigans are center stage now. You can wear them alone as tops (buttoned please,) or layered, so why not go for something fun?

Jardigans! What’s a jardigan? Sweater + Jacket = Jardigan…genius, right?!  Pre-2020, these were considered a bit frumpy, but next to an oversize blazer ê a jardigan isthe best way to add structure to your #wfh look.


  1. Flat boots/Knee boots/Over the Knee boots

Flat boots aren’t necessarily a new trend; however, there is a larger than ever selection of flat and low heel boots with varying toe shapes and upper materials. Knee high boots are gaining a lot more ground, and over the knee boots are holding strong. Maybe this is the year to add two tone colored or snake print to your boot collection!


  1. Oversize Blazers

Hear me out here. I know y’all want to be comfy. Oversize blazers aren’t your typical suit blazers by any stretch. They’re big and slouchy (I wouldn’t go too big or you could end up drowning in it.)

The beauty here is you can juxtapose this over size blazer with just about anything and look modern and polished. Last minute Zoom meeting? Throw it on over a statement t or even a sweatshirt! Wear it with almost anything on the bottom from shorts (in early fall) to high waist jeans.

Love leggings? Topping your leggings with a big blazer is the perfect fall 2020 update!

  1. Jewel tones

Almost everyone loves jewel tones. They feel luxurious and rich, perfect for fall and winter. Think deep purple, teal, burgundy, navy, or gold. Many of Pantone’s colors for the season are jewel tones: Magenta Purple, Ultramarine Green, and Classic Blue are just a few.


  1. 60’s, 70’s & 80’s Influences

You’ll find lots of clothes in the marketplace that may give you a little déjà vu. (If you’re thinking of pulling something out of the attic, step away unless it was your mom or grandma’s.)

The key to making a retro inspired piece look modern is to mix it with completely current pieces.

As I said at the beginning of the post, there are more comfortable trends for fall than ever before! And as always, I’ll be bringing you lots more trend info and outfit inspiration as we continue the fall season.

Do you like these trends? Which one is your favorite? Let me know down in the comments.

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2 comments on “My Top 10 Fall 2020 Trends

  1. Just had time to look at all your trend suggestions, Dana. Love the ideas. Some of those oversized blazers almost look like men’s jackets but not.
    Thanks for all your ideas!

    1. I agree, especially the steel blue double breasted blazer. I’ve seen some suits in Vogue that totally look like men’s suits. It’s a bit too masculine for my taste.

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