My Annual Spring Trend Report

While I never advise a trend driven wardrobe, this post is a round up of some of my favorite trends for Spring/Summer 2017. I’ve scoured all of my trend resources and have come up with styles and themes that are wearable.

Of course, this post doesn’t encompass all of the many, many fashion possibilities right on the horizon. If you don’t get my regular updates, you can sign up in the box right over on the right,  and I’ll keep you posted as I write new blogs.

Just one last preface here…I’ve highlighted a few of the trends with my Polyvore pics, but you can head over to my Pinterest page to see many more.


Maximalism (vs. classic minimalist styles) is an overriding theme across almost all of the trends of the season. Not always particularly office ready (unless you’re in a creative field,) the trend is fresh and fun.

Think: crazy, mixed up prints, clashing colors, lots of details and trims, huge pockets and trims, including feathers, on just about every garment imaginable. Since I work with so many professional women in power industries, I haven’t done too much with this trend yet…But the season is early, and I’m personally excited to mix things up a bit (or a bunch!)

As a whole, this is going to be the trickiest direction to get right and feel comfortable with. As the season goes on, I’ll explore it a bit more here, and give you the style tips you need to get it right.

Seaside and Awning Stripes

So often stripes occur on knit fabrics and tend to have a sporty feel. Not so this season! Bright colored stripes of all widths appear on woven fabrics everything from shirts to dresses to pants to shoes! The feel is cool, crisp and a little bit retro. You’ll also find my tips for wearing stripes no matter what your body type is, post right here.

Shirting Stripes

These are a bit subtler than seaside stripes. You’d typically find these stripes as a men’s blue and white button down, but this season find your “banker’s stripes” on every garment in every shape.

Waist Defining Silhouettes

Even though I don’t have the world’s tiniest waist, I’m glad to see a shift in silhouettes. Even though flowy tops over skinny jeans are fairly easy to wear, they don’t flatter every body type. Besides it’s a shame to be hiding the waist you’ve worked so hard to whittle in the gym!

cold shoulder, lace up, sleeve detail

All about the Shoulders!

The “cold shoulder” and off the shoulder trend isn’t completely new; however, it has finally made it to the Rocky Mountains in full selections. I especially love the cold shoulder trend since it’s so original and you can still wear a regular bra! Stay tuned for a blog post with more tips on how to wear it.

Statement Sleeves

This trend peeked its head out last spring, but this year it’s in the stores full force. Bell sleeves are the most prevalent statement sleeves, but just about any unique sleeve treatment fits the bill. Relax into investing in this trend, as it’s already been seen on the runways for fall.

Lacing Details

Lacing shows up most often in tops with eyelets and ribbons, rope or sweater knit cording worn tightly laced or worn loosely at the neckline. I like this detail as it’s both sporty and alluring at the same time, making it perfect for off work, but not necessarily right for the office.


Surprise! Florals for spring (yes, I’m being a little sarcastic here…) Many of my clients tell me they don’t love florals, but over the years, I’ve found that often times it’s all about finding the kind of floral print you’re attracted to. For example, I don’t like small floral prints, garden prints, or anything too romantic looking. I do however find myself buying mid-sized, 60’s inspired floral and abstract floral prints (especially poppies!) and tropical flowers and palm leaves.


From pastels to brights and all shades in between, color was prevalent on the runways for spring 2017. Don’t be afraid to wear clashing colors…pink with orange anyone?

Learn all about Greenery, Pantone’s color of the year. I’ve also posted about Pale Dogwood pairing with Hazelnut (two more Pantone colors) if you prefer lighter tones.

Of course, wardrobe-building neutrals will never disappear from our choices; however, they’ve taken a bit of a back seat this season.


Yellow is such a happy color. Unfortunately most women don’t think they can wear it. The truth is…you can wear yellow—it’s simply a matter of finding a shade that flatters your skin tone. Not convinced? Find your pop of sunshine in shoes, bags and jewelry!

Flatform Shoes

No, I didn’t misspell “platform,” rather this trend is identical to platform shoes except the sole is completely flat. The trend appeared a few years back, but lack of interest caused it to disappear. Admittedly, I originally thought the style was darn ugly, but my eyes have adjusted to it. If you can’t wear heels easily (like me) I urge you to give this trend a chance.

Flatforms are just a bit of a tease for my upcoming, perennial favorite, shoe trend report coming soon. I’ll be sure to update you on more accessories along the way, too!

What are your favorite trends so far?

What might you add into your wardrobe?

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  1. I am too excited! I have these wonderful flatform boating shoes in a baby blue shade that I will definitely pull out for Spring Time 🙂

    Thanks for all your help and advice! You are amazing!


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