More tips for Handbag Happiness!

In my last post, I gave a few points to consider when you’re choosing a handbag. Here are more tips that can really make a difference to your handbag happiness!

As I mentioned in the prior post, “Choosing a Handbag You’ll Love,” be sure to consider the size you need, materials you prefer and color preferences or how often you like to switch out your handbag. Next, consider the following aspects:

1. Comfort. A handbag is extremely personal and although it’s not a garment, it still needs to be comfortable to carry. How much weight do you like to carry? Some bags are quite heavy before you even put anything in them. What kind of handles do you prefer? Is a shoulder bag, short handled bag or even a clutch more comfortable against your body?  Lastly, think about how much structure you prefer. Especially if you are sensitive, determine whether a structured, hard leather bag is comfortable or whether a soft leather hobo feels better to you.

2. Pockets! The inside of a purse will make you happy or it can drive you absolutely crazy. Check to see that the bag has all the inner pockets you need. Again, it’s personal. You might not really need any inner pockets. I won’t buy a bag that doesn’t at least have a cell phone pocket, but beyond that I don’t really care. Bags that have multiple compartments annoy me, but if you like to be uber organized, it may be just what you want.

3. Scale. See? I told you there are lots of considerations for choosing a handbag! For the most flattering effect, your handbag should relate to your personal scale. If you are petite, a huge tote will overwhelm you. (You’ll often see petite celebrities with bags half their size, looking  kind of ridiculous.) A smallish to medium sized bag will suit your size best. If you are tall and/or voluptuous, a tiny little shoulder bag will be lost on you. (You might even look like you’re carrying your 5 year old daughter’s purse. Check mine out.) Go for a medium to large sized bag to make the most impact.

You might be thinking I’m contradicting myself a little here from the advice I gave on the last post regarding choosing a bag to accommodate your “stuff.” If you’re petite, perhaps it might be time to analyze whether you need so much in your bag. If you’re tall and minimalist carrying a tiny bag, wouldn’t it be freeing to be able to carry a book or Kindle if you wanted?

4. Your last consideration for choosing a handbag would be to look at where the handbag is hitting your body. (Take this last tip with a grain of salt. I truly believe all of the other considerations and making sure you’re happy with your bag is far more important than flattery, but that’s just me.) You’ll flatter your body most by having the bag hit the part of your body you’d most like to have noticed. For example, if you have a tiny waist and want to emphasize it, look for a bag that hits your waist area. If you’re an inverted triangle, like me, go for a bag that hits your hip area, balancing your body.

Choosing a handbag on its looks alone will rarely make you happy in the long run. Following these tips can surely improve your handbag happiness and make your life easier to boot!

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  1. Thanks for covering this very important topic with a thought-provoking discussion. Next time I buy a purse I will keep all this in mind.

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