Lovin’ Red Jeans!

As a nod to the resurgence of seventies fashion, colorful pants are back in style. And with so much colored clothing to choose from, why not pants. The key to a modern look  is to let the red, blue, green or whatever color your heart desires pants be the star of your outfit. In other words, keep your top fairly neutral and quiet. Wearing any type of colorful top with bright bottoms can lead to a romper room type look.

I am dying for a pair of red skinny jeans that I just haven’t shopped for yet. I’m planning on wearing them with my stone colored, satin trench coat for an eclectic look. Because I won’t wear the coat at all times, (might get a little warm,) I will probably wear a simple, white top paired with casual gold jewelry. I’ll most likely wear metallic flats or tan sandals as the weather warms up.

Colorful pants are the answer to the inverted rectangle figure type’s, (a.k.a. mine,) dreams! Because we want to fill out our bottom halves and minimize our wide shoulders, bright bottoms work perfectly, but they’ve been seriously out of style for several years.

So what do you think? Will you rock brightly colored pants trend this spring and summer?

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2 comments on “Lovin’ Red Jeans!

  1. I have a pair of red pants I bought two years ago and will finally feel comfortable wearing in public! Thanks for the tip on the top–the photos really reinforce what you’re saying here. Great post.

  2. Siobhan, Your pants sound cute! I’d love to see a picture-you could e-mail it to me. I have not searched very hard, but I haven’t see too many pairs of red jeans here in Denver…maybe in the fall.

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