Love Your Shoes

During the Millionaire Mindset workshop the other day, I stressed that you should never buy anything your not head over heels, falling down drunk in love with! This includes shoes. Think about it. We have countless options of what we can wear as women, but to be socially acceptable and appropriate, we have to wear shoes.

The thing that is great about shoes is that no matter how much you eat, your shoe size tends to remain fairly constant. Finding shoes to fit it leaps and bounds easier than finding pants or jeans to fit. And there are a lot of shoes out there, so I recommend instead of just finding shoes that merely fit comfortably, find shoes you LOVE!!
I love all of these shoes (which can all be found at Nordstrom):

Almost everyone can use a basic pair of black pumps. This is a beautifully cut pair that will last for years.

It sometimes seems difficult to decide what shoes to wear with light colored business clothing. Either of these shoes would be absolutely KILLER!

Shoes can be the piece that take a ho-hum, conservative outfit to looking like a million bucks. High quality, red shoes can’t be beat for doing just that.
(The shoe on the left is a Cole Hahn and has an air insole-wonderfully comfortable!)

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