Look 2 the Color Wheel

If you want to add more color to your wardrobe, but just one pop of color isn’t enough for you, let’s talk about opposites attracting. I’m talking about opposite colors, or complementary colors, on the color wheel. Putting opposite colors together is one of the most basic, yet fun ways of producing a color scheme to your outfit.

For the sake of ease today, we’ll concentrate on tops. So you don’t feel like Rainbow Bright all of a sudden, ground any of your outfits with a neutral skirt or pant.

I know what you’re thinking as you’re looking at this color wheel, “Dana, Christmas is over; I’m not wearing red and green together!” True, the colors on the color wheel are a little saturated and a bit bright. Rather than wearing true red and green together, consider candy pink and lime green. Playing around with the intensity and value of the colors is where your creativity comes shining through!

Still not convinced? Worried about being mistaken for Denver Bronco fan* in orange and blue? Simply change the shades to peach and light blue. Or why not slide over a notch on the color wheel, and wear tangerine (red-orange) with teal? One of my favorite outfits is an aubergine (red-violet) wool suit with a yellow-green cashmere shell.

Wondering how to put the pieces together? Really, there are no rules. The colors can be in garments or accessories, a tangerine sweater under a teal jacket or a coral blouse with a turquoise necklace. The combinations are virtually endless. Have fun!

*Okay for game day, but probably not the look you’re going for at work.

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