Linen: Always cool and chic

The mention of linen usually evokes feelings of both love and hate, a long lived love/hate relationship. Often we love the look and feel of linen, but hate the wrinkles. I love linen and don’t really mind the wrinkles. Why, you may ask?

For me, linen feels a bit old fashioned and polished, despite the way it wrinkles. I love linen suits and separates for several reasons. First, linen is cool and comfortable in really hot weather. It doesn’t stick to your skin or ever feel sweaty like cotton can. And it’s a natural fiber with a distinct look and personality.

Personally, I don’t really mind the wrinkles. Linen is huge in Paris, and if it’s good enough for Parisians, it’s good enough for me. Those in the know recognize linen and know that wrinkling is a characteristic of the luxurious fiber.

Linen suits, lined and unlined, are always chic and simply scream “summer” on a scorching day. Surprisingly, linen steams really easily with a strong steamer like the Jiffy Steamer. If steaming isn’t your style, it can be ironed damp with beautiful results.

If you’re looking for some ways to beat the heat and still look professional, I can’t recommend linen high enough! So what about you? Do you like linen? Do you mind the wrinkles?

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