Jewelry Organization

I was working with a client on Friday whose mother had come into town for an extended visit, and was organizing everything in sight. (I so wish my mom would do this!) Very shortly after I arrived at my client’s home, said mom whisked me into the enormous closet to showed me what she’d done with the jewelry.

She had put cork board on the wall above the built in dresser. Then she had put in tons of push pins and hung the jewelry on them. Okay, so it’s a really simple concept, but it was amazing how organized it was and easy to see the jewelry. Obviously, it worked for necklaces and some earrings, just not posts and bracelets. Still!

After we’d gone through my clients existing fall wardrobe, and I was accessorizing her “new” outfits I’d created, I was able to see the jewelry so much easier than when I’d even just had it all laid out on the dresser in the spring. One caveat though, you have to keep sterling silver in plastic bags so it won’t tarnish, but I can picture pinning the bag on the wall. I think I’m going to try this in my closet. I think I do a pretty good job of wearing all of my jewelry even though it’s hidden in a jewelry box and drawer, but I’ll be interested to see how much more creative I’ll be once it’s hanging up.

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