Jackets, Pants, and Shoes-Oh My!

Jackets are very popular in Paris. The most prevalent style I saw was a belted safari jacket, usually in linen or lightweight cotton. Belted jackets are fantastic for women with curvy or hour-glass figures!

There were also a lot of military styled jackets, which the fashion magazines like to tout as hot for certain seasons, but truly, they’re never really out. The other style jacket that was highly visible was a cargo style made of sheeting cotton with a lot of double stitching and details.

If linen isn’t your thing, a lightweight, neutral colored, cotton safari jacket, military jacket or cargo jacket could give your wardrobe great mileage throughout the summer season.

I was fascinated with the pant styles in France. To a degree, almost anything goes. I saw super wide legged pants and very skinny pants. What was also interesting to me was that all styles were worn with both flats and heels. (More on shoes coming up.) What I took away from this is to just go with what works for you lifestyle and personal style.

Lastly, I saw what we’d consider dressy pants worn in a casual way. This is a different for American women, but it’s certainly a way to get more use out of your dressy clothes.

I’ve saved my favorite subject for last. There are so many shoes in France! I definitely noticed a prevalence of flats. The lifestyle is very urban with a lot of subways and walking. I also saw a lot of kitten heels, but in addition to traditional kitten heels, there were kitten heels that were stacked wood with a broader base for more stability. Hopefully, we’ll get these soon in the U.S.

There was also a lot of variety in toes: round, pointed, and a cross between the two, pictured below. Having so much variety for shoes excites me, because it allows us more opportunity to be both fashionably and comfortably shod!

The thing that I was most surprised about Paris fashion was its simplicity. I didn’t have a lot of expectations of what I’d see, but somehow thought I might see a few extremes. I think this is good news for us in the U.S. It was truly refreshing to see comfortable, classic styles worn with ease. I encourage you all to seek out cool, comfortable clothing for summer that truly suits your lifestyle and personal style.

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