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Top Jeans Trends for 2018

Jeans are absolutely perfect for “Springtime in the Rockies” when you don’t know what the weather will be from minute to minute. Sure, every Colorado girl I know, and every one of my Denver wardrobe-consulting clients has at least one pair of jeans.

This post isn’t about your basic, everyday jeans. Instead I’m highlighting several of the spring jean trends for 2018. While skinny jeans are now a classic, today I’ll mostly be talking about other denim styles and details.

Top Jean Trends for Spring 2018

Frayed Hems

I can see the puzzled look on your face and know what you’re thinking… “Explain this to me.” Sure, you probably had frayed hems when you were a child and had to let the hems down on your jeans as you were growing, but this is different. Frayed hems on denim for 2018 are a fashion trend.

It’s simply for fun…something new! It’s a casual look versus being overly polished. (If you’re looking for polish, read on.)

Frayed hem denim is fantastic in blue, black and light colors. I particularly like a tulip hem or high-low hem (which has been around a few years.) Both of these styles are designed to highlight your shoes! But don’t be afraid to wear them with your stylish sneaks as well.

Light Colored Denim

Like the lavender jean outfit I showed in my 2018 fashion trends, pastel and light colored denim is a big trend for spring. Think of pink, salmon, lavender, yellow and ivory. (BTW, I am totally crushing on yellow this season!)

I especially like the idea of wearing the pastel denim as part of a monochromatic outfit—it feels a little less juvenile to me. The other great thing with colored denim is that you can wear a blue jean jacket with it without feeling like you’re veering on the Texas Tuxedo.

High Waisted

There, I said it! Can you tell I don’t like high waisted jeans? If you’re short waisted without a well defined waist, you probably won’t like them either. Nevertheless, they trending.

It’s definitely your choice. High waisted styles have a polished, retro vibe and combined with the right color and detailing can be cute (just not for me, lol!)

Detailed Denim

Kind of vague, right? But detailing on jeans can include embroidery, lacing, beading (pearls), fringe embellishment or even hooks and eye detailing. Really the sky is the limit. When your jeans are extra cool and detailed, let them be the star of the show and keep the rest of your outfit rather simple.

Top Jeans Trends for 2018

Cropped Flared jeans

Cropped flared jeans can be either wide legged or have a small bell (that were called kick flares last year, but I haven’t seen that as much this year.) I like both of these styles because they’re a little on the looser side. We can probably all agree that from time to time we need a break from leg squeezing, skinny jeans.

When you’re wearing the extra wide leg style, you’ll want to wear a slim fitting, hip length or shorter, top. Otherwise, you’ll have too much volume for a flattering silhouette. The shorter top also helps lengthen your leg line!

Following the guidelines for kick flares will also created a balanced look, but you don’t need to be quite as rigid since the jeans are less voluminous.

Tuxedo/racer Stripes

Hands down, this is my favorite of all of today’s styles! Not sure why, but if nothing else, the striped sides add just the edge I like. The racing stripes work well on both wide legged jeans and skinny jeans. This style can have a dressy, polished look to it along with being edgy and fun.

As with the detailed jeans I outlined previously in the post, make your jeans the star, but you have a bit more license to be creative with the rest of your outfit, since the stripes are subtler.

Pieced Jeans

I prefer “pieced” to “patchwork,” but essentially this is a jeans trend where the pant is made up of 2 or more colors of denim pieced together. Again, this is a bit of a ‘70’s retro style and if made from white or light colored denim can make for a perfect spring outfit. I haven’t seen many of these around town, so if this style appeals to you, you’re sure to turn heads.

If you’re sick to death of your basic jeans, turn to these 2018 spring jeans trends to lighten up your look and give you the perfect dose of freshness you’re craving! There aren’t a ton of rules with most these new denim looks other than to make them the centerpiece of your outfit.


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