Is Your Image Red Carpet Ready?

Last night was the big night for all in the movie biz…the Oscars…the Red Carpet! It got me thinking that the anticipation of such a big night with so many viewers and so many cameras could be especially stressful.

And then I pondered just a bit more…While most of us don’t have the paparazzi lurking around, there are plenty of eyes on us each day. Our bosses, co-workers, business partners and clients are all seeing us every day. Just like the public is judging the stars, these people are forming impression of us based on our image.

And the way you look can make you or break you! Do you appear knowledgeable and credible? Are you up to date and well put together? Have you taken care of all the details? Does your image reflect what you want everyone to know about you, or does it just get you by? Will your image win you an Academy Award for best “costume designer” in the movie of your life?

Did you know that often times a client will decide if she wants to hire you solely based on your appearance? Many times an employer will decide whether or not to hire you in the first few seconds upon meeting you.

Our hair, make-up and clothing all send out visual cues to our audience. Have you taken care of all the details? Is your image reflecting who you really are and what you’re capable of? Is your image ready for the red carpet of your life?

If you’re not sure, contact me. I can help you discover your personal style, curate your closet, and create a wardrobe that shows who you are at your best. Personal stylists aren’t just for celebrities!

It’s time for you to shine, just like the stars!

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