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Are you thrilled with your personal style? Is shopping easy because you know the styles and design elements you love and gravitate easily toward them? If not, January is a great time to begin to explore your new look. With the winter months looming, you’ve got at least a couple of months, pressure free, to work on this aspect of your life.

One of my favorite ways to develop a style identity is to create either a style file or a style inspiration board. Find things that really resonate with you. They can be photos but also things like paint swatches, fabric samples, buttons, beads, small items from your home, etc.

Look for photos of things, places and looks you love. This is the important part. Don’t settle for things you kind of like, think will look good on you or are simply pretty. Choose the things that stop you and almost take your breath away. It’s not important to know why you like the photo or item right away.

Another key to this exercise is to look at all aspects of a photo/item. For example, perhaps you’re extremely drawn to our photo of this Dries Van Noten outfit. But you know you’d never wear the prints together, and it’s too shiny, etc. Still, you love it. Rip it out! Once you start collecting enough things in your style file/board, you’ll see patterns/themes emerge, and there you’ll begin to see your personal style.

Lastly, I know how busy you all are. I’m not suggesting you go to the book store , buy every magazine in stock, and then call in sick to read them all while eating bon bons. (Well actually the bon bons sound pretty good!) Choose a few magazines or catalogs. They don’t all have to be fashion magazines. There are plenty of clues in the magazines or catalogs you already own. Then give yourself the freedom to do this “project” in stages.  And most importantly, have fun watching your new personal style emerge!

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