Image Consultant Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of web sites have a page for “FAQ’s.” I don’t…no particular reason. Or perhaps I prefer to  answer questions individually. Nevertheless, for today’s blog post,  I have decided to address questions and comments I get a lot.

Where do you shop for your clients? Where I shop for you is usually dictated by your personal style and budget. I shop at a variety of department stores, specialty stores and boutiques. In terms of areas, I find Cherry Creek and Park Meadows to have the best selections, while outlying malls typically have smaller inventories of both size and styles.

How do you choose the clothes for you clients to try on? Before I step foot into a store to begin personal shopping, we’ve discussed your personal style at length,  and I have your style recipe. I’ll also have your shopping list. We may be starting completely from scratch or filling in with pieces to make your wardrobe work harder for you. No matter what you need, I am searching for clothes to match your personal style; fit your lifestyle; and budget and flatter your body type.

Are you used to working with petite or plus sized women? Absolutely! Because petites often have a hard time finding clothing or aren’t sure how to alter their clothes, a large percentage of my clients are under 5’4”. I also have some fantastic places to shop for my plus sized clients.

Do you have to see the clothes in my closet before you shop for me? Even if you absolutely abhor what’s in your closet right now and are ready to set fire to it, it’s helpful for me to see you in a few pieces. Seeing you in various garments allows me to determine not only your figure type but areas where you’re struggling with fit. And let’s face it; trying on your clothes is more comfortable for us both than having me stare at you in your underwear.  If it isn’t convenient for me to see your closet, we can definitely make other arrangements.

Your web site says you specialize in professional dress.  Can you help me with casual clothes? Again, absolutely! Because our professions take up a majority of our waking hours, many women devote most of their clothing budget to work clothes. The fact of the matter is all of my clients have complete lives. I love helping my clients look and feel great whether it’s for dating, the kids’ soccer field or travel. On the flip side of casual, I also love helping my clients with their attire for weddings or black tie events.

And comments  I hear frequently…

Your clients must be rich!  As an image consultant and stylist, I work with a variety of clients, and I’ve never asked to see anyone’s bank statement, so it’s hard for me to comment on their wealth status. What my clients do have in common is that they’re all busy and they want to look and feel their best!

You’d laugh if you saw my closet! Everyone is different. Some closets are uber neat, others are disasters. Some have beautiful clothes, (sometimes begging to be worn.) Others are minimal. While I think I have a great sense of humor, I have done  hundreds of closet edits, and I can honestly say I’ve never laughed at a closet. My only concern is helping you organize in a way that works for you, and helping you curate a wardrobe that makes your heart sing!

There you have it! I certainly get other questions, but these are ones I get quite a bit. If you’re curious whether my services are right for you, please feel free to contact me or schedule a free introductory consultation. And as always I welcome questions and comments on this blog post. I’d love to hear from you.

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