I love to shop for shoes

Here are some ways to help you shop for shoes with ease!

  • Shop for shoes late in the day when your feet are largest. If the salesperson tries to tell you that the shoes that are literally killing your feet will “break in” and become more comfortable, ignore her! Shoes should be relatively comfortable in the store.
  • If a shoe isn’t fitting you just right, but you love it, it might not always be a lost cause. Ask the salesperson if they can add pads or stretch them in any way. As with clothing, if you find a pair of shoes that seem just a little off, ask to try another pair of the shoes in the same size. They may be perfect.
  • Keep your receipt, and give the shoes a trial run around your house before you wear them outside. You may notice pinching or rubbing that you didn’t feel in the store once you’ve had the shoes on for a little while.
  • Last but not least…what are some great shoe stores? My all time favorite is Nordstrom. There are also large selections at value pricing at The Rack (Nordstrom’s outlet), DSW Shoe Warehouse, and Off Broadway Shoes. For hard to find sizes and widths, try Zappos.com. And if you’re traveling to New York City, Macy’s has an entire floor of shoes…dare I say “shoe heaven?”

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