How To Wear Yellow If You Think You “Can’t” Wear Yellow

Yellow is a big trend and very stylish for spring 2020, but I can’t tell you how many times I hear “I can’t wear yellow!”

I love yellow! (I wore it all the time when I was a kid…when I was tan all the time, and let’s face it kids look cute in anything!)

After I became an image consultant and was finally aware of flattering styles and colors, I was in the ‘can’t wear it camp’ too. But all of that changed just a couple of years ago. (More on that to come…)

If you love yellow, but don’t think you can, I have good news. You can! It’s just a matter of how you wear it! Here are…3 ways to wear yellow even if you don’t think you can. (Are you excited? I am!)

3 Ways to Wear Yellow if You Think You Can’t Wear Yellow

Yellow accessories

Instead of wearing yellow next to your face or actually on your body at all, go for yellow accessories. Just think, away from your face…so many choices: handbags, shoes, belts, hair accessories and bracelets.

If you’re worried yellow accessories aren’t practical enough, think again! Yellow goes with lots of colors. Even though I’ve paired it with black and white, you can pair yellow with:

Purple/lavender…Green…Blue…Orange…Pink…Red…pretty much the whole rainbow!

Side note…I have a new feature to my website now! Whenever you click through on any outfit collage, you’ll land on my Storefront. There you’ll find the look with all of the individual items below it along with several other options to suit your fancy.  Just scroll through the items. When you find the one you like, click on it and you’ll be directed to the retailer’s site.

Everything you find on my Storefront has my stamp of approval!  Please let me know if you ever have any questions, and I am absolutely happy to help you!!

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Yellow Accessories


Yellow on bottom

Are you certain yellow doesn’t look good next to your face? Wear it as a bottom such as a trendy slip skirt, wide legged trousers or cropped jeans. Wearing yellow as a bottom won’t wash you out or clash with your hair.

yellow outfit


Find Your Yellow

If you think you can’t wear yellow, you haven’t found the right yellow for your skin tone.

Remember how I mentioned I didn’t think I could wear yellow? One day I was shopping and found the cutest buttercup yellow dress. I held it up, got raves from my shopping buddy and knew I’d found my yellow!

How to find your yellow? Of course, you could go to the mall and do a search for every yellow piece you can and hold it up to your face.

Yellow dresses


OR…a quicker and easier way it to head to a large fabric store and experiment with all the yellows you can find. Don’t worry if you don’t like the fabric, you’re not sewing anything, lol! Once you find your shade(s), ask for a small piece for reference to take shopping with you.

So…are you convinced yet? With these 4 solutions, I’m convinced everyone can wear yellow!

What about you? Will you give yellow a chance? Let me know in the comments below.

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5 comments on “How To Wear Yellow If You Think You “Can’t” Wear Yellow

  1. I have a yellow purse I love to use in the spring and summer. Also I have a yellow flower and crystal necklace that looks great with navy, white, black, so many things. I LOVE those yellow and B/W shoes, the jeans and the backpack! May have to have them all!

  2. When I was younger and dark-haired with pale skin, I adored lemon and light grey. Skip to today when I am darker-skinned but greying and I love a more colourful bohemian look… now I wear sunny mustard and golden yellow with black, forest green, red, dark purple, deep brown, denim… even sunshine pants with a print top or tunic, it‘s so versatile it‘s practically a neutral base!! I do balance it, tho, so my bag and accessories or shoes will pick up the colour and don’t wear it all together; either/or!

  3. I found a cute time and Tru yellow ballet flat on last week 12-20-20at Walmart for $3.00. It was originally nine is mustard has memory foam. It is ballet style. It had point toe. It is in a sweade like material.It’s is cute it just right pop of color.

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