How to wear the Utilitarianism Fashion Trend

Chances are you read this blog title and thought, “What! Utilitarianism? What’s that?”

Let me explain…I didn’t include this trend in my 2017 spring trend report, because the fashion gurus have been touting this trend for about 3 years now. A few other ways it’s been described is “khaki,” “the new trench coat,” “sleek utility,” and “street chic utilitarianism.”

Quite honestly, utilitarianism in fashion is little vague (even to a wardrobe consultant and stylist,) and I’ve never written about it on my blog since on the runway the trend is so oversized and extreme, it seemed ridiculous, plus I never found it in the stores.

As I’ve been out shopping for clients lately, I’ve finally seen a rendition that’s wearable in Denver!

Here’s what it boils down to for the most part…get ready…olive green pants! (There are a few jackets, too.) I know, earth shattering! But I’m actually seeing a lot of olive/other “military” greens, and as you may know, the color is quite neutral and easy to wear.

Here are my 3 favorite ways to wear this new utilitarianism style:

With crisp cotton blouses

For spring of 2017, woven,, cotton blouses and tops can be found in just about every style you can imagine. They’re a stylish yet easy complement to just about any olive or utilitarian looking bottom your can imagine.

On a mannequin in Nordstrom, I saw a pair of olive green, wide legged, cropped pants, paired with a white cotton, pop-over tunic, and topped with a cropped tweed jacket. The proportions were very interesting—I’ll try to snap a picture to add to my blog soon.

With other neutrals

By other neutrals, I mean khaki, ivory, other shades of olive and black. The literal translation of the Utilitarianism fashion trend includes: oversize cargo pockets, boxy shapes, and rip stop fabrics equipped with drawstring cords and toggles. For the sleekest look, choose one piece, i.e. pants, with moderate details, and keep the rest of your outfit rather tame lest you’ll look like you’ve just joined the Army or are going on a safari.

The military shades with black is least “fashionable,” yet it’s super easy to wear and always classic. I think it’s always a great idea to have fallback outfits to span the years.

With feminine, light colors

Lighter shades of olive, especially, look great with mid-tones and pastels. The entire mood is softened and more feminine. Feel free to experiment with juxtaposing masculine pieces with feminine ones for a really interesting outfit.

Now that this trend is finally in the stores I’m pretty excited about it! I have great plans for my next purchase of olive green, wide legged, cropped pants.

How will you wear the Utilitarianism fashion trend?

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