How to Wear the Maximalism Trend

Have you been feeling maximal lately? Good! Today’s post is all about the new trend of maximalism. What it isn’t? Simple! But that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to achieve.

The maximalism trend for spring 2017 is all about wearing bold colors, patterns and accessories in one outfit. The look is a bit whimsical and hectic. The beauty is that you can choose to be as minimalistic or maximal as you like.

In the first example, I’ve combined 2 striped patterns and topped them with an embroidered jacket. (Okay, so essentially a third pattern.)

Olivia Palermo Maximal

The easiest way to combine patterns is to choose a color scheme. Here we have navy and white. One pattern should be dominant and the other should be subordinate. Although both patterns are fairly bold, because the stripes of the pants are wider, they win first prize.

The embroidered jacket uses (for the most part) white, navy/black, and a bit of dark red. It works because the jacket’s background is white and the embroidery is smaller.

We continue the maximalism trend with the accessories—a super high, white wedge (yes, white shoes are back,) and a red bag that has a big tassel. Here the sunglasses are rather simple, a grounding element.

What’s fun about the trend is the ability to change it and make it as minimal or maximal as you like. It’s personal style! Some of my image consulting clients are minimalists others like to push the envelope!

In our second example, the outfit is no less stylish, but it’s quite a bit more minimalistic. The red top that replaces the striped one still creates a bold statement because of the color. (And if you have an aversion to red, white and blue, simply sub a pink or yellow top in for the red.)

Olivia Palermo minimal

Next, the white, bomber jacket grounds the whole outfit, and I’ve used classic, navy accessories…ones like you probably already have in your closet!

As I mentioned earlier, feel free to mix up the elements. I’d probably do the striped pants, a red top, and I’d find an embroidered jacket with flats (maybe silver?) with the red tassel handbag.

How minimal or maximal will you go? How would you wear the trend? I’d love to hear in your comments below!

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