How to wear more than one metal in an outfit

“Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the others gold. ♪” If you were a Girl Scout, like me, you knew this song. Have you ever wondered if your metals can be friends and if can wear gold and silver together? The answer is a resounding “YES!”

The old fashion rule of only wearing matching metals is as obsolete as “no white after Labor Day.” Today’s fashion allows you to wear mixed metals with abandon. Beyond gold and silver, there’s bronze, copper, rose gold (my newest obsession,) pewter and more. Feel free to wear 2 or more of any metal together.

Here are 4 guidelines to help you mix your metals and expand your jewelry options.

Be Intentional

The #1 thing to remember is to make your combinations look intentional. Though it can appear effortless, mixing metals requires more thought than simply wearing a gold necklace, silver earrings, etc. This is how you create a cohesive look.

Don’t count your wedding/engagement rings.

You wear these every day! I feel as though my wedding rings are part of me. So if your setting is gold, white gold or platinum, you definitely don’t need to limit yourself to only the matching metal. It would be like me saying, “If you have blue eyes, you can only wear blue.”

Wear one combination piece.

This is the absolute easiest way to get started. Perhaps start with a necklace with chains of both gold and silver. Then choose one of those metals for your earrings. As you gain confidence, add on bracelets and rings.

Layer your metals.

Last week I was shopping at Neiman Marcus for a client who told me she prefers fine jewelry to costume jewelry. I found the chains you in the photo. While it has the appearance of one mixed metal necklace, it’s actually 2 chains. Because this jewelry is brushed, I do recommend brushed metal earrings for a harmonious look.

These necklaces are clearly from the same line of jewelry; however, it isn’t necessary to limit yourself. Have fun experimenting with both metals and designs.


gold/silver chains 2

While mixing jewelry metals together isn’t a totally new trend, making it look stylish isn’t as intuitive as other matching your metals traditionally. Follow my guidelines, and you’ll be a pro in no time.


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