How to wear jewelry and nail it every time!

Do you have drawers full of jewelry that you never wear? Or maybe you don’t buy jewelry because you’re not sure how to wear it and don’t want to waste your money?

In this post I’m sharing the only “rule” you need for nailing your jewelry with every outfit! This is a super simple concept that’s easy to remember!

You’ll be able to start wearing your jewelry or buying jewelry. Accessories add so much to the look of an outfit! And you’ll be able to change the look of simple outfits with a change of jewelry!

I encourage you to watch the video so you can see the concepts in action. Then pin the post, so anytime you might be questioning yourself, you’ve got my reassurance at your fingertips!

How to wear jewelry and nail it every time

  • One piece of jewelry should be dominate, your statement
  • The rest of your jewelry should be subordinate to that dominant piece.
  • Follow this tip, and you seriously can’t lose!

Check out these examples of how I wear jewelry

(and be sure to watch the video…way more interesting to see it in action, lol!)

  1. Bold earrings = statement; necklace is more delicate; simple bracelets don’t compete
  2. Long necklace with circle and tassel = statement; slim, linear earrings compliment but don’t compete.
  3. Colorful, statement necklace = statement; tiny studs match color, but don’t compete; delicate ring matches earrings, but doesn’t compete.

Feel free to play with your jewelry! There’s no one wrong or right way in terms of color, metal, etc. Personal style plays into this in a big way.

Just remember, choose one focal point, a statement piece, and let the rest of your jewelry support it.

Experiment! Have fun with your jewelry!

You’ll be delighted at the compliments you get! Who doesn’t love compliments? They only lead to more confidence!

Stay tuned for more posts like this where we explore even more ways to wear jewelry and accessorize your clothes, so you can create mix and match looks you love and get far more mileage out of your wardrobe.

Over to you…what are your favorite pieces of jewelry?

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6 comments on “How to wear jewelry and nail it every time!

  1. Hi, Dana –
    It doesn’t matter what time you send the email as I read them when I can read them, not as sent. (what makes email great, right?). Can READ late at night when hubby is asleep whereas LISTENING to video would be disruptive. I tend to be more of a reader than a watcher, but that’s just me. Hope this feedback helps. Lorraine

  2. Nice job as always! The only suggestion would be go with a ponytail or hair back to show the earrings more. And send anytime, just keep the tips coming. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Julia! I see your point about not being able to see my earrings as a whole on camera. I have a lot of hair, lol! Those amethyst studs are my only studs!

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