How to wear fall’s stripes

Recently I received an e-mail stating, “Nautical stripes aren’t just for spring. This time of year, the Sailor Tee is the perfect first layer. Wear it like you would a camisole.”

My advice? Proceed with caution! I like the idea of nautical stripes for fall, horizontal stripes can be quite tricky. Horizontal stripes often get a bad rap, but all stripes are not created equally. The following are a few tips to help you navigate your way around stripes:

Medium width, horizontal stripes like those shown (top) will work best for someone who is average height or taller who would like to add some volume to the upper body, great for someone with a triangular figure.

Almost anyone can wear an evenly spaced, very tiny horizontal stripe (middle). Because the stripes are so small, they move the eye up and down the body, not creating any width. Petites, average height women and tall women can all wear this look.

Wide, rugby stripes are extremely hard to wear (bottom). They deserve their bad reputation! Because the stripes are so wide and contrasting, the eye moves from one side of the body to the other creating a lot of width, hence adding pounds! Unless your upper body is very small boned and you are very tall, these stripes are going to be overwhelming.

Although not all horizontal stripes are dreadful, vertical stripes are much easier to wear. The trick is keeping them subtle and narrowly spaced. Think of pinstripes, they’re usually very subtle. As a general rule, apply the above guidelines for horizontal stripes, to your vertical stripes for the most flattering look.

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2 comments on “How to wear fall’s stripes

  1. I really like your suggestions. I will say that horizontal stripes are dangerous for us curvy,busty gals. I have learned to avoid them, though I miss the nautical look with them.

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