How to Style Skirts

Over the last several years, I’ve had numerous clients claim to me, “I don’t know how to wear skirts!” After giving it some, it occurred to me that it’s because the trending style in tops is for very long lengths.

To make a skirt look good proportionally for you, it’s important to steer clear of these long tops, instead opting for ones that hit no longer than mid hip. Here are several ideas to try.

  • If you’re short waisted, crop tops may fit you in the exact right spot, just covering the top of the skirt.
  • A sweater with a band at the bottom, such as a shell or a cardigan, is a great, classic look.
  • Tuck in a little-too-long top. I realized un-tucked tops are the norm right now, but give it a try. It’s an especially flattering look for those of you who want to draw attention to your waists and away from your hips. Of course, a too-long-top can also be hemmed. Take the skirt with you to the tailors, so you’ll be able to see what length you’d like the top hemmed to. Note: Blouses with vertical darts don’t tuck in well and are best with pants.
  • Knit wrap tops, although hard to find, typically hit in just the right spot and give your look a fun retro vibe, especially when paired with A-Line and flared skirts.
  • Draped Surplice wrap tops with the tails tucked in are an ideal pairing for skirts. Because of their fullness in the front, these are best with pencil skirts.
Styling skirts

I encourage you to spend a little time trying on your skirts with various tops. With the warm weather coming on, you’ll be glad you did! And don’t forget to figure out your shoes and accessories while you’re at it. Then of course, you will want to record your outfits.

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