How to Not Look Seasonally Confused

Seasonally confused? You might be if you run warm. Read on to find out how you can avoid looking seasonally confused and instead be comfy and stylish all year long. 

 So, I’ve been working with a client lately who’s always warm. Can you relate? Yeah, me too! 

With a super casual lifestyle, my client found her ultimate, cool “uniform”—pairing lightweight knit skirts with equally breezy tops. 

It was all a perfect fit during the spring and summer with her sandals. But when the temps dropped, she asked for some other footwear options.

I won’t lie, I had to think a bit on this one. I tried out a bunch of shoes in my mind, but nothing seemed to fit. (Gasp! Just when you thought I had all the answers LOL!) 

Intuitively I knew the closed toed shoes in her closet weren’t working. But why? Well…turns out her outfits were seasonally confused.

Seasonally confused outfit

This is NOT my client…it’s an AI pic for an example.

The colors were fine for fall, but the fabrics were so light that anything but a dressy pump* looked UNBALANCED. 

*Um yeah…Definitely not a solution for our Colorado lifestyle! 

So, I thought, why not share a fix in case you’re in the same boat? And quite honestly, even if you’re not a human furnace, these looks are pretty darn cute for our ever changing weather.

Say goodby to scratching your head about what to wear, being seasonally confused. Say hello to the stylish woman you are! 

I created an easy solution, a recipe for your fall uniform you can rely on all season long! 

How Not to Look Seasonally Confused! 

Cook time: Out the door in 10 minutes flat!


1 part lightweight top

1 part lightweight skirt

1 part heavy/funky booties or sneakers

1 part substantial cardigan or substitute a leather/faux leather or denim jacket 

Season to taste with scarves and jewelry

Blend well for a stylish, casual, balanced look. 

Serves: 1 well put together woman 🌟 


(If you click through on the pics and decide to purchase anything,  I may make a little $ for pumpkin spice lattes, but there’s never any additional charge to you.)
photo of seasonally confused and seasonally stylish outfits

photo of a seasonally confused outfit and another seasonally cool outfit

Here’s the deal: Pairing heavy boots with floaty pieces is like putting ketchup on ice cream—🤢. The same goes for wearing heavy clothes with summer sandals; it’s an equally unbalanced equation.**

(**This is my professional opinion based on design principles. It’s NOT the only way to dress—you do you—-if you have an outfit that breaks this “rule.” Most of the time I LOOOOVE breaking rules!) 

Now… if you’re thinking, “Ack! Too hot! I can’t wear a heavy sweater,” don’t worry. It just needs to look substantial, not make you hot.

If your personal heater is on high, go for materials like:

  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Bamboo

Stay away from wool, and you’re good to go. 

And the best part about wearing a cardigan or a jacket? You can easily take it off if you get too hot and put it back on if you cool down. Voila!

Follow my recipe and I promise it’ll not only simplify getting dressed, but you’ll look seasonally stylish all fall!

Got questions or your own tips for staying cool? Feel free to drop them in the comments.

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2 comments on “How to Not Look Seasonally Confused

    1. Hey Maureen!
      I’ll agree that cardigans CAN look a bit mumsy. It all depends on the style, your body shape, and exactly how you wear them.

      Modern and interesting are two qualities to look for.

      If you’re not feeling the cardigans, as I suggested a fun, lightweight jacket is the way to go.

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