How to Dress for 4 Seasons in One Day

I saw the meme below and got inspired to revisit a post from 2010 titled Dressing for Four Seasons in One Day.

I grew up in St. Louis where it was fall from September through November. Mother nature wasn’t mixed up like she is here in Colorado. When I moved here in high school, I had to learn all about layering—it took a while!

If you live in an area with normal seasons, you’re probably not going to get this post completely. However, if you run hot or cold or simply struggle with layering, you’ll love today’s tips!

4 seasons in one day meme

As a personal stylist, I’ll admit layering when you’re headed to the mountains is easy. Layering in the city? Not so much. (Even for me!)

But it’s possible to be comfy all day and look fab to boot! I think the real key is advance planning, so here are some ideas and strategies.

First, you’ll want a few essentials including:

  • Basic, neutral camisoles/tanks (provide a really good insulating layer even if nobody ever sees them.)
  • Long sleeved t-shirts (tissue weight can be ideal.)
  • Jackets, work-worthy blazers or casual styles* (all season fabrics are fab!)
  • Cardigans
  • Tights
  • Scarves
  • Trench coat

*Just not ones from Patagonia or REI. This is where it gets a little tricky for us Colorado girls!

Typically it’s colder in the morning, warming up throughout the day and then it cools down quickly again once the sun sets. So it’s all a matter of layering up early in the day and shedding pieces as the temperatures rise.

Here are a some AM to PM outfit ideas to get you started!

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  • Start your day with a sleeveless dress; a long sleeve t underneath; tights, either plain or patterned, and a scarf and trench for your commute. If your office is extra chilly keep all your layers (except the coat,) and shed pieces as you warm up.
  • OR skip the long sleeved T and add a poncho/wrap. It’ll look chic on the outside of your coat in the AM, and even chicer over your sleeveless dress in the office! Add a belt if you want to show off your waist! (I saw this at a fashion show last night!)
  • Pumps or flats will be more fall appropriate/versatile than sandals or boots. On the other hand, heeled sandals with socks, peep toe booties and mules are also options!

Layered work outfit



  • In the morning, pop on a camisole, add a long sleeve t/shirt, jacket/sweater, and scarf. It’s your choice as to the bottoms: could be jeans, ankle pants or even a skirt.
  • To dress the look up…choose a camisole that you’ll feel chic in if you get down to the camisole for the afternoon.

casual multi season outfit


These are just a few of the oodles of ways you can layer for 4 Seasons in One Day! I gotta admit, I’m inspired!

Psst…I totally recommend taking a little time in advance to create your outfits and document them, so your mornings are stress free as can be! Holler at me, if you’d like help with this!

And since you’ve read all the way through this post, here’s a little fitting treat for you! Enjoy!

How will you dress for our crazy season?

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