How to break the rules

In my chapter in my book, Image Power, I give the wardrobe advice that you should only buy complete outfits, unless you know you’ve got something to go with a single item you’re contemplating; however, when you’re traveling and you’re on a spur of the moment shopping trip, it can be hard to remember what you’ve got at home.  Here are a couple of ways you can break my rule when you’re traveling:

  • Buy an accessory you love that remind you of the locale. Chances are really good that if you find an accessory that has you drooling, you’ve got the color in your closet at home already. If not, that scarf or pair of shoes will work with a pair of jeans and always be a reminder of what a great time on your trip.
  • Buy neutrals that make sense in your wardrobe. Almost any neutral color will  go with almost any other color, making it easy to add into your wardrobe.

For example, on a recent vacation in San Francisco, I had some great luck while shopping with my dear husband one afternoon. My first score was a beige skirt that has a fun white, black and gray dog print on it. I was especially excited about it, as it was designed by the store owner! And, I can wear it with any color!

My next stop yielded me a fabulous, grey anorak, (which I could have used the whole  trip. Why is San Francisco so cold in the summer?)  I’m excited to wear it with both casually and with dressier things! My third purchase was a Chan Luu silk and cashmere scarf in Sand Dollar, which is really kind of a peachy/ivory color. It’s the perfect addition to many outfits in my wardrobe, especially when the weather is just a bit cool.

chan luu scarfanorak 2

All three of my out of town finds are first, super cool and second, neutral. Instead of spending lots of time finding entire outfits, (DH is actually pretty patient,) I chose neutral items I know I’ll wear with everything in my closet. And they’ll remind me of my summer vacation every time I wear them!

I don’t recommend this style of shopping for your entire wardrobe, but it’s a great way to shop from time to time, especially when you’re traveling.

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