How to Add Trends to Your Wardrobe

I know! The word “trend” can be scary! No one wants to end up with a wardrobe full of trends that are going to go out of style all at once. You don’t want to waste your money, right? 

Or worse…look like a fashion victim. 

But my clients and just about everyone I know want to look stylish and fun, and that can include trends. 

I got to thinking about how I go about this in my own wardrobe and want to share 3 simple tips to help you add trends to your wardrobe…affordably and with ease. 

How to add trends to your wardrobe

1. Buy something trendy and wear the heck out of it. 

You often hear the advice to spend less on trends than classics. I totally agree with this! 

However…cheap clothing typically doesn’t fit me very well. And if I like something well enough to allow it real estate in my closet, I want to wear it…until it’s out of style or I get a stain on it, lol! 

I don’t want to get rid of clothes because they were cheap and feel apart! 

So what do I do? I buy a trend I love, spend enough to get good quality, and wear the heck out of it! 

Everyone is different, but I have no problem wearing an outfit over and over. 

Here are some of my trendier things I’ve worn on repeat: 

My “Big Dress” = the Voluminous Dress Trend


Trendy cropped flares

I love my trendy cropped flared white jeans! And my California bestie!

Check out more of my favorite trends here. 

The second way to add more trends to your wardrobe without looking like a fashion victim is to wear a combination of styles, a.k.a.

2. Pair trendy items with basic, more classic pieces.

If you wear trends from head to toe, you’ll very likely look like a fashion victim. AND your entire outfit can potentially go out of style all at once. 

Does this mean you can only have one interesting piece per outfit? No, no, no! Your supporting pieces can be stylish, just not as trendy. 

Stylish, not trendy. Does that make sense? 

This is where great basics come in handy,  pieces like a white blouse or black pants. (Psst…check out this article and it will make sense.) 

Here are examples from my wardrobe: 

The bright blue pants are trendy, but my cashmere, v-neck sweater is classic.

Classic and Trend


My destroyed jeans with super chewed hems are pretty trendy, but my pearls and leopard ballet neck sweater aren’t.

Jeans and sweater

Animal print is a big part of my personal style.


This leads me to my third tip…

3. Choose a classic style but in a bold color or print

If trends feel a bit too extreme for you, but you still want a dash of excitement, go for bold colors and prints in classic styles. 

For example, I bought a Michael Kors snake print trench coat well over 10 years ago. It’s still going strong! 

Dana Lynch's snake print trench coat

Looks better on…I tie the belt

Fun classics won’t go out of style, (well everything becomes dated at some point.) You can still turn heads and “feel” trendy. 

Without a doubt you’ll look stylish! 

Now that you know how to add trends to your wardrobe, stay tuned for my Fall 2021 Trend Report coming soon! Be sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss it! (Scroll down to the bottom of the page if you’re on your phone.)

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