Hoops: my go-to accessory

Hoop earrings are one of my go-to accessories. Personal style aside, as an image consultant, I recommend them as one of my “top 10 essential wardrobe items.” Like most of the other items I endorse when building a core wardrobe, hoops are basic. They can be worn with dressy or casual clothing.

Mostly I love said hoops because they don’t detract from my interesting, statement necklaces. There was a time when the fashion of the day called for matching earrings and necklace set, but currently the matching look is passé. Instead of searching my jewelry wardrobe for a pair of earrings that coordinate with a necklace, but don’t match, I’ll wear hoops in a complementing metal. Take note, the hoops must always be a bit smaller or subordinate to the necklace for it to work.

As I mentioned earlier, I do advise coordinating metals. For example, you want to choose silver hoops if your necklace is silver based. I will admit, however; this is a guideline that can be broken from time to time, especially when you’re dressed more casually…but it can be tricky!

Lastly, a couple of more points about choosing hoop earring size. For business, you typically want to choose a small to medium size, but steer clear of extremely tiny hoops. They’re not noticeable enough to give you any professional presence. Try coordinating the size of your hoops with your facial features. Even if you’re quite petite, if your facial features are larger, you can wear a larger earring.

Hoops are my go-to accessory for several reasons, but everyone has different taste. So what do you think? Do you like hoops or do they bore you to tears?

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