Golden Globes 2016 Best and Worst Styles

I’m honestly not quite sure if I’ve ever done a review of red carpet style, but while I was watching the Golden Globes last night, I got a wild hair and started making a few notes. As an image professional and personal stylist, and in an attempt to not come off too catty, I’ve added a little objectivity, so you’ll be able to learn why the dresses work and don’t work.

Best Dressedy-9Jaime Alexander

I seriously cannot find a single flaw with Jaime Alexander’s Golden Globe look! The gorgeous, emerald green, jacquard gown is both “princess” and modern. It both flattered her figure, (I’m thinkin’ loads of fashion tape was employed) and coloring. Her use of accessories was perfect as well…she’s the winner in my book.

Taraji P. Henson

The “Little White Dress” seemed to be a major theme for the awards ceremony; however, Taraji P. Henson worked it, flipping her train as much as possible, making the winner by a long shot in my book. Not only did the dress fit like a glove and had the sassy train, but it was also accessorized with emeralds stones instead of standard diamonds, making the look extra special. (Um, emerald is just not one of “my” colors: therefore, I lust after it! But I have to admit, I also lust after “standard” diamonds, lol!)

Brie Larson

Brie Larson is absolutely adorable! Her gold, sequined, cut out dress was the perfect blend of glamour and whimsy to match her personality. Although it was almost perfect, I would have liked to see the gown fit a little better. The bodice could sit a little higher on her bodice. And she’s got about an inch to spare at the waistline, but hey…who am I to say…maybe she wanted to eat a hamburger after the show!

y-10Kirsten Dunst

Holy moly! Kirsten Dunst must never go out in the sun. I’ve never seen such beautiful, alabaster skin, and although fair hair and skinned women don’t often look their best in black, the contrast of her skin and the deep, dark color was stunning. The black, Grecian inspired gown featuring silk cording was flawless. I confess I liked the dress at first, but then when I saw the back view, I was drooling! Ah, one more point for K.D…Normally, you’d expect a frock of this style to be chiffon, but Valentino crafted it from velvet, totally unpredicted!

Alicia Vikander

On Vikander’s extra petite frame, her Louis Vuitton pinafore-style dress is extra flattering. While it seems super sweet from the front, like Dunst’s gown, the back of the dress adds a sexy flair. Plus, the trompe-l-oeil aspect of the print adds more unexpected interest.

Olivia Wilde

On top of fitting absolutely perfectly, Olivia’s dark red, sequined halter dress had an amazing ‘70’s vibe, the modern details and the way she’d accessorized, it didn’t seem like a costume at all. What I especially loved about the dress is the color…a little unusual for a formal gown to be made of brick red. (A true red would have simply been a snooze.)y-11Lady Gaga

Gaga so looked like a lady! Her black velvet gown with padded hips and an off the shoulder, sweetheart neckline was the perfect blend of risky and old Hollywood glamour. Gotta give props to the woman who used to wear dresses made out of meat.

Katy Perry

Katy’s body rocked her fitted sheath. The slim style was great for here figure, and clearly, she works out! It was unfortunate she chose Pepto Bismol pink. Hot pink or fuchsia would have been so much better for her personal coloring.

Kate Bosworth

Poor girl needs to eat a sandwich, but she definitely won for the best super sparkly, pink dress of the night. (Move over Barbie!) Not only was the color quite lovely, but also the mirrored sequins reminded me of a mosaic…I love mosaics! It seemed a big trend of the evening was a strapless dress sans a necklace, but in Kate’s case, I actually think that a necklace would have balanced her out a bit more. Because Kate is so slight, she is just a bit overwhelmed by the heft of the dress. On the other hand, because she is so small, the heavy sequins don’t add an ounce to her frame.

Worst Dressed



Jane Fonda

Quite honestly, when I saw the camera pan on her when she was announced for an award, I was baffled! The ruffles? In the first place, they were just weird. Secondly, when you’re Jane’s age and as fit as she is, why would you want to wear a tutu on your bodice to completely cover up and also distract from your face?

Melissa McCarthy

I love Melissa, but hated her gown. It simply engulfed her…all I saw was dress. (Upon a closer look, I actually think the skirt of the dress was simply too big.) Something slightly more form fitting would have been far more flattering, or if it were sleeveless or was slit higher on the leg. I would also be thrilled to see her in a more vibrant color to contrast with her brunette locks.

Amy Schumer

(Love her, too!) When Amy gets it right, she looks amazing, but when she gets it wrong, she gets it really wrong. If you were on my teleclass in October, you’ll know she looks phenomenal in deep V-necks with fitted waists. Even if the style were different, the black and white combo did nothing for her warm, low contrast, complexion. Amy looks absolutely phenomenal in orange!

Julianne Moore

I saw this incredibly boring, navy sequined, long sleeved gown on a best-dressed list, but from my description, you can tell how I feel. Oddly, although it was semi-fitted, there was something lumpy about it…and a little too “mother of the bride.” I‘m noticing that the long sleeved trend, while comfy/cozy is flattering on few of these actresses. (I mean, come on…when you’re making that much money, can’t you be a little bit cold for one night?!)

Kate Hudson

In addition her ensemble not fitting perfectly, I’m not quite sure why K.H. thinks she needs to look like she’s ready for her Quincinera. Essentially wearing a cropped, flesh colored tube top and matching skirt (that was awfully close to her skin tone,) she was simply trying way too hard!

So there are my thoughts on the best and worst dressed from the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards. I made my notes as I watched, but so far I’ve only read one blog to see whether I’m voting with or against the list-makers. I could very well be in the minority in my objective opinions. It will be interesting to see the styles on the Academy Awards broadcast next month.

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