Get Your Ice Cream and Other Spring Colors!

Butter Cream, Lavender Sorbet, Strawberry, Peach Melba—Close your eyes and envision these ice cream colors. Now open the pages of your favorite magazine or better yet, walk into your favorite store and you’ll find these sumptuous colors and more.

If you’ve been yearning to add more color into your mostly neutral wardrobe, this is the year. For several recent seasons, the fashion industry told us color was back in style, but there still wasn’t much in the stores. Well, it’s finally here. Choose from the updated pastels mentioned above along with almost every bright color you can think of.

Wondering how to add color into your professional wardrobe without looking like a walking Popsicle? It’s best to add color as an accent to your mostly neutral basics.

Consider a soft coral blouse paired with a tan suit. Or if you’re a brave soul, tuck a bright yellow shell under a white jacket.

If you work in a business casual environment, think about adding a bright jacket or two into your wardrobe. Royal blue looks sharp with either black or white! Another option? Depending on your office and industry, try a colorful dress topped with a neutral jacket or cardigan.

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