Foremost, Fit!

The other day, I was driving and saw a woman walking on the sidewalk. She appeared to be walking to the bus stop or to work. Being a bit of a purple freak, what caught my eye was her purple print blouse. (I’ll stop right now to say that I must have been at a stop light. I usually keep my eyes on the road.) So she was wearing an attractive purple print blouse and a pair of brown slacks, and she had great, thick curly brunette hair. It was a cute work outfit, except that it didn’t even begin to fit her!
Both her pants and blouse were way too tight, and her pants were absurdly short.Then to add injury to insult, she was wearing those clunky, black “comfortable” shoes. While I don’t mean to judge her, and I know absolutely nothing about her situation in life, I just can’t help wonder why she would go out of the house with her clothes fitting so poorly. 

Fit is so crucial to a successful image. Again, I thought her outfit was perfectly cute, minus the shoes, which is another blog post altogether. But the fact that the clothes fit so poorly ruined her whole look. I’m imagining the blouse being a touch longer and a size larger. And the pants needed to be at least a size larger, and about two inches longer–no, they weren’t cropped pants. 

Taking the time to make sure your clothes fit properly shows you care about yourself. Finding clothing that fits or can be altered to fit perfectly is half the battle.

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