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Just within the last week, I’ve heard the comment, “I’m not a teenager anymore, but I don’t want to dress like my grandmother, either–I can’t find any clothes,” several times. I can understand how women don’t think there’s anything out there for them between the ages of 23 and 97, but really you have the largest number of chic, wardrobe options.

Here are a few tips to follow for finding stylish clothing that feels appropriate for your image.

  • Extremes in styles tend to be the trendiest. You may feel more comfortable in classic styles in modern shapes.
  • If you prefer to look a touch trendy, choose one trendy piece to be the star of the outfit, and then the rest of the garments should be more basic, supporting the star.
  • Fit is more important than ever. No matter what your body type or size, it’s important to show your shape. Covering everything up from head to toes in baggy clothing only makes you look larger than you are, and ultimately matronly. And that’s not a flattering description even if you’re 97!
  • Go for quality, luxurious fabrics in modern or even trendy styles.

Where to shop? Almost anywhere, avoiding the Junior department and departments clearly for elderly women. Here in Denver, I’m partial to Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Garbarini, and Moxie.

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2 comments on “Fashion for all ages

  1. I feel understood by your article about fashion for older women. I’ve learned that over sixty is classified as “elderly.” Keep up the suggestions!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Aledra. One thing I’ve learned is that as I have gotten a little older, tailored clothing seems to fit and look best on my body, but I still keep an open mind and try a lot of clothes on. You never know how something is going to look on. I think it’s important to keep your look fresh and incorporate the trends, especially accessories into your wardrobe.

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