Fall 2023 Trends You’ll Love to Wear

Fall 2023 trends are here! And I’ve got some great ones you’ll be super excited to wear.

I absolutely love writing my semi-annual (spring and fall) trend reports, and in a recent survey I found out they’re your favorite thing to read here.

I’ll share a secret…I haven’t bought anything yet. Well unless you count the 2 sweaters on the UPS truck to me and the pair of wide leg jeans I’m still deciding on. (Pretty sure I’m gonna take them back. )

Today I’m sharing my nine favorite fall 2023 trends, but I’ll be sharing a few more as the season goes on. So be on the lookout for those…

A few more things in case you’re new here: 

  • There are tons of trends out there, but I focus on those that are PROFESSIONAL and WEARABLE.  
  • Choose what YOU like and leave the rest. I’m not here to create gingerbread women!
  • I also don’t believe in fast fashion, so I bring you trends I believe will last. You’ll look stylish and high quality not trendy. Nothing terribly extreme here. 
  • In addition to showing you the trends, give you a few ways to wear them and why they might be great for YOU!

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 So without much further ado, here are

Fall 2023 Trends You’ll Love to Wear

 Fall 2023 Trends: My favorite!

Power Dressing and Beyond

Hey there professional woman! This one’s for you! This trend, is in full force. Even if you work from home, it can’t hurt to have a “suit.” Or at the very least some sharp tailored pieces. (I know what you’re thinking…keep reading…)

Before we move on, let me say THIS ISN’T YOUR PLAIN BLACK SUIT interview suit. Instead, choose a suit or tailored separates with STYLE!

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Fall 2023 trend Power Suits


Within this trend, there are elements from my fall trend report from 2022: waistcoats and wide leg pants. Oversized jackets are still strong (albeit, not all that flattering or versatile for most,) sharply tailored jackets are quickly on the rise.

On the fringe last year, and even bigger (yep, pun intended) are football player sized shoulder pads. (JK…they’re not all that big.) If you have small or sloped shoulders, scoop up the trend. Otherwise, a normal sized shoulder pad in your jacket will go the distance for you.

One last note…you know how I believe in the power of jackets! Take the time you need to find suiting you LOVE! You’ll be able to look like a “a cool girl” pairing your jacket with wide leg jeans and a t. Pair your pants with sneakers and a sweater. Lots of mix and match possibilities.

Fall 2023 Trends: The Most Feminine

“Lady Jackets”

Lady Jackets is really just a cute name for cropped, fitted jackets that’re typically made from tweed or nubby boucle fabrics. They’re also usually sans lapels.

These jackets are very Chanel or Jackie Kennedy. (BTW, Jackie Kennedy is one of the top contenders for my clients’ favorite style icons.)

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Fall 2023 Trends-the Lady Jacket

A couple more plusses for the Lady Jacket:

  • It’s great for larger bustlines
  • It’s also super cute for petite women
  • Since it’s shorter, the lady jacket will make your legs look a mile long!
  • Also because it’s short it’s the perfect topper for skirts and wide leg pants

If you’re sick of blazers, the lady jacket is a refreshing change!

 Fall 2023 Trends: The most neutral

Chocolate Brown

Brown hasn’t been this prevalent for years! It’s a great neutral, but it’s super hard to find when it’s not trending. If Chocolate is your preferred neutral, scoop it up quick!

Psst…I don’t feel like any color is truly out of style, but when a color is “in” you’ll have an easier time finding it in stores.

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Fall 2023 Trends: Chocolate Brown

I’m mostly seeing this brown paired with other neutrals. It’s a natural with denim, and extra rich with traditional fall hues like burgundy or olive green.

And of course, chocolate (and other shades of brown) shoes and handbags are classic, and a good update to your wardrobe if your shoe rack is a sea of black.

Fall 2023 Trends: The Edgiest

Leather & Faux Leather

I’ll admit…I wasn’t a fan when leather was trending several years back. Now I’m completely on board! You’ll find leather tops, pants, skirts, coats, blazers and even dresses!

Wanna be extra fashion forward? Choose chocolate brown leather pants or leggings! (Psst…I’m on team faux leather!)

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Fall 2023 Trends: Leather

A long time ago, I worked for a company where leather was completely prohibited. Today, especially considering it’s a 2023 fall trend, this isn’t the case. That said, it’s probably not the best choice for an interview, and if you’re feeling iffy about it, check your company dress code.

Fall 2023 Trends: The Brightest


All of my inside resources are reporting RED as the “it” girl of the fall 2023 season, but…it’s not really showing up all that strongly in the stores yet.

Love red? Red is your power color you say? You’ll find this hue, from tomato to fire engine to burgundy and everything in between on line for the perfect fall update.

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Fall 2023 Trends: Red

Does red feel a bit much for you? Try it in small pops…a scarf, handbag or shoes.

Fall 2023 Trends: The Riskiest


Sure, tights have been a utilitarian thing over the last several years: plain, opaque, black. But! Tights are one of the very hottest style trends for fall and winter now!

Choose from sheer, patterns, fishnet-esque patterns, lace, colors and more! I encourage you to try this trend. Your skirts and dresses will thank you!

Of all of the fall 2023 trends, this is definitely a the one to consider most wisely for work. Obviously the sheer and opaque are safe. For all the others, get a good feel for how “fashion-y” you can be in your office and be taken seriously.

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Fall 2023 Trends

Not into tights? Look into fun ankle socks!

Fall 2023 Trends: The Warmest

Maxi/Midi coats

I’ve most likely said this before, but…in Colorado, so many of us rely on our puffers and ski jackets on a daily basis, that when a dressier occasion comes along, i.e. corporate meetings, company holiday parties, client dinners, the theater, etc., we’re stuck!

Enter the CLOTH dress coat! I know what you’re thinking…But I hardly ever have the occasion for it.” But here’s the thing…you can wear it with EVERYTHING! Think about it…now your legs can be warm 🤯

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Fall 2023 Trends: Midi/Maxi coats

For some reason, the trend is for black coats, but since you’re mostly likely only buying one of these, I say go for a color you know’ll work with your wardrobe and makes you feel great!

Now you’re covered for dressy events, AND you can wear it to work any day. It looks great with jeans or even with joggers for school drop off or a coffee run.

Fall 2023 Trends: The Most Comfortable

Sneakers/ballet flats/loafers

I’ll write another post dedicated to shoes, but for now, just know

“Fall Flats Are Your Friends”

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Fall 2023 Trends: Flats

This is probably the most basic of the fall 2023 trends. What makes it feel updated is how you wear it. Even if your outfit is pretty simple, you can pop it with a fun pair of flats or sneakers!

I’ll share an example…I had a Vince pullover, camel sweater I’d gotten for a steal, but for various reasons it was kind of hard to style…and it was in the donate pile. One day I decided to give it one last try with wide leg, winter white pants and white leather sneakers. The outfit as a whole felt more “me” and became a favorite for for my closet edit appointments!

There are so many options!! And they’re all super comfy! I encourage you to get them before the fashion world decides to go back to sky high stilettos 🙀

Fall 2023 Trends: The Most Serious Attention Commanding

“Puffy” earrings

We’ve had lots of dainty delicate jewelry over the past several years, and jewelry is “puffing up” making a statement. If you’re in business, your goal is for people to pay attention to what you’re saying, right? A statement earring grabs attention and then poof, turns it toward your face. Pretty magical!

As someone who has a lot of hair, I’m a big “yay” for chunky earrings.

This earring style is reminiscent of the ’80’s but as always with fashion there’s just a bit of a change making the look modern and fun!

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Fall 2023 Trends: Puffy Earrings


So there’s a quick rundown of my favorite fall 2023 fashion trends!

If you want to see ALL the trends in one spot and refer back to it as you’re planning your fall wardrobe, click right here.  

You can download my “storefront” on your phone, and it’ll update every time I add a trend or outfit idea. Great for inspo!

What I’ve shared today is a tiny appetizer of the many fall trends this year. (And I’m excited to hook you up with more soon.) As a whole, these trends are easy to shop from your closet or add into your professional wardrobe. 

I encourage you to experiment with new colors and styles to find what’s comfortable and makes you feel stylish and confident in your day-to-day life. 

And if you feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start with your updated look, I can help! 

I specialize in working with high achieving, professional women who don’t like shopping and aren’t sure what they need or what looks good on them. 

I’ll help you create an easy, stylish, mix and match wardrobe that fits, flatters
and let’s you walk out the door with confidence each day!

Schedule a call with me to learn more…Fall is on its way. Now is the perfect time to polish your look! 

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