Fall 2021 Color Trends

Fall 2021 Color Trends

Color is the design element that people see first and remember most. Think about it…if you’re asked to describe what you’re wearing, you might answer something like this, 

“My pants are navy and my top is hot pink.” 

Color is powerful! 

And you guessed it…today’s post is all about how to update your fall wardrobe with the Fall 2021 Fashion color trends! 

It’s the second in my fall trends series. The first one was about how to update your wardrobe with trends, just in case you missed it…it’s right here. 

The color trends I’m sharing today are probably going to surprise you…so I’m going to lead into it with the 2 colors that are more expected and go from there.

Fall 2021 Fashion color trends! 

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According to Pantone, “Adobe is a warm and supportive sun dried clay.” It screams “Fall”! 

The good news is that on a recent shopping trip I discovered this color is everwhere! 

If you adore fall and traditional fall colors, you may decide to wear this one head to toe. If not, consider adding it as an accessory or wear it on your bottom half, i.e. skirt or pants. 

The Pantone color, is just one shade, but online and in stores you see this translated as a range from the true clay color to rust, russet, and cinnamon. 

fall 2021 color trends

Adobe can serve as a fall neutral color.



Update your neutrals with this headband-no tying required and perfect for a bad hair day!


adobe sweater

This cardigan is super comfy for work or weekend!

Root Beer

Yep, you guessed it! Just pour an A & W and you’ve got it! 

Pantone actually describes it as “An herbal brown tone symbolic of the root bark of the sassafras tree.” 

For those of  you who love brown, I suggest scooping it up when you find it. It’s a great neutral to support all of fall’s colors. 

Perhaps a wool blazer to pop on for a Zoom call? Or a pair of wide leg pants to wear with a bright colored sweater? 

suede blazer

Wear this vegan suede blazer casually or for business casual.


Vince silk blouse

Beautiful for a Zoom call!


Brown dress

Next let’s move on to the unexpected colors. 


Leprechaun is a wondrous green hue emblematic of the mythical imps featured in Irish folklore.”

Most of us would describe this shade as dark kelly Green or grass green. 

It’s typically a spring/summer color, but it’s wonderful for fall/winter since it’s so bright and uplifting. 

Even though it’s not really a neutral, if this color looks great on you, I’d consider it for a winter coat…a great way to lift your spirits on a dreary winter day. 

I’ve always loved the combination of this green with black and white, but I can’t wear this color to save my life! 

Green blouse

Pair this with black/white checked pants and black shoes.


Leprechaun blazer

This blazer is knit for extra comfort!


Leprechaun shirt dress

A great dress for ‘back to work!” Personally, I’m not on board with the sneakers.


Fuchsia Fedora

“Vivid Fuchsia Fedora is a flirtatious, bold pink with allure.”

Again, Fuchsia Fedora is a color we don’t typically associate with fall. But then again, nothing has been typical the last couple of years! 

If you’re building a wardrobe capsule or doing a major overhaul, FF is best as an accent color: a blouse, sweater or shell. It’s pretty bright for professional settings. 

On the other hand, if standing out is your goal…Fuchsia Fedora is perfect as a coat or blazer.

And girl, if you opt for a fuchsia suit, call me. I want to high five you! 

Fuchsia blouse

This blouse is fab! It will work with a skirt, pants and jeans…all of your needs.


Fuchsia dress

Gorgeous for a fall wedding or company holiday party.


Fuchsia sweater

There’s a shallow V in the back for a little something extra!


Fire Whirl

“A vigorous red with a dynamic presence.”

Y’all, this is RED! Lol! 

Through all of my research, i.e. looking at internet pictures of designers’ fashion shows, Fire Whirl appears to show up as both warm red and cool red, so take your pick. 

It seems like red is often included in Pantone’s line up of colors, but I really don’t see too much of it at retail. 

I know that many women call red their favorite color, and others feel like they can only wear it for Christmas or Valentine’s Day. 

But quite honestly, I don’t ever see a ton of red at retail. So if it’s your fave, I wouldn’t delay in picking up a piece you love. 

Fire whirl short suit

Perfect for a coffee date or dressy brunch. Don’t forget to add cute shoes!


Fire Whirl Dress

This dress can be worn, casually, for business casual or dressy. Just change your shoes.


Trina Turk fire whirl blouse

This blouse would be perfect for a Zoom call. Add a pendant necklace for added polish.

And this leads us to my final pick…my favorite! 

Spring Lake

According to Pantone, Spring Lake is a quiet, restful, midtone blue. 

It’s a bit muted, not quiet a steel blue and I’m seeing some variations of it that have a bit of green in them, making it a little on the teal side. Yay!

I’m often bored by blue, but this is a pretty shade and it’s perfect for all my blue eyed sisters out there. 

Trina Turk blue lake blouse

Psst…this blouse will look better with a tuck or semi-tuck.


Blue sweater

Wear this with white for early fall and grey flannel later and into winter. This also comes in cream and is on sale!


Blue Lake Booties

Who can resist blue booties?

Checking out fall color trends is always fun, and it’s a perfect way to find some inspiration. 

Picking up a few new pieces is always refreshing, but you can also use this inspo to create new outfits right from your closet! 

If you have lots of clothes in your closet and tend to wear the same outfits over and over, contact me or set an appointment to talk. I’d love to help you shop your closet! 

What’s your favorite Fall 2021 color trend? Let me know in the comments below. 

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