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One of the very first things I noticed in Paris is that far more people wear glasses than here in the U.S. Not knowing much French, (okay, barely any,) I wasn’t exactly able to converse with women to ask them why they’d decided to decided to wear glasses instead of contacts. Instead, I came up with some conclusions of my own. (Again, I can’t be sure if they’re correct.)

First, it could be the expense. Glasses are generally more expensive up front, well, when you’ve got as many add-ons as I do. However, in the long run, with all of the solution, drops, etc., that is necessary, contacts are pretty expensive.

Next, perhaps French women are comfortable enough in their own skin that they see their glasses as an extension of their personality.

Lastly, perhaps the French women are onto something, and have decided to simplify their lives. (By the way, a lot of men wear glasses, too.)

I took my contacts to Europe after my eye doctor, Richard Cross, O.D., told me that I might do well with my contacts in Europe since the climate is so much more humid than here. Every time I thought about wearing my contacts on the trip, I nixed the idea, mostly, because I wouldn’t be able to read a thing! The thing is, if I really wanted to wear contacts, I’d also need reading glasses. Right now, with my glasses, I either glance out the bottoms or take them off. (Oh, and reading menus is a big thing in Europe!) Then, I’d need non-prescription sunglasses to go with the contacts. And what would I do if I wanted to read something in the sun?! On top of that, I’d still need my regular glasses and prescription sunglasses. This is way too complicated!

Long story short–I’ve completely given up the idea of contacts, for good! And the decision feels great! I’ve worn glasses since I was 9 years old and I’ve never really liked my frames or how I’ve looked in them until now. I just hope I’ll be able to fit the bi-focal into the frame.

Lastly, I want to recommend Europtics to anyone who needs eyeglass frames. I’ve been going there forever! I’ve found the Cherry Creek store to have the best selection of frames. Be sure to ask for Connie. She’ll spend as much time as you need with you to find a pair that suits you perfectly.

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