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Last week, I gave a workshop with a good friend of mine, Patrice Barber, of Taylor Made Wealth Coaching. It was titled The Millionaire Mindset–Look like a Million, Think like a Millionaire. For my portion of the workshop, I shared my Top 10 Professional Shopping tips, and how to create a wardrobe that can make you look like a million bucks. The main premise of the workshop was that if you want to look like a million bucks and become like a millionaire, you have to plan. It doesn’t just happen.

If you’d like to find out when the next workshop will be, click here to sign up for my e-Style Tip of the Month. (I’ll also have my website remodel done in a couple of months, hopefully. There will be all kinds of great info on it continually!)

One of my tips was to pay attention to quality. You’re never going to look like a million bucks by shopping for your clothes at Target. Besides, do you really want someone to recognize your outfit they saw when they were grocery shopping?

On Friday, I went to see the Spring ’08 Etcetera collection. I first started buying Etcetera clothing a few years ago. I only buy a couple of pieces at each show, but I can truly say, I love them all! While I try to buy good lines at the stores, it can still sometimes be hit or miss, but my Etcetera clothes have held up absolutely beautifully.

Typically I buy suiting, since I think it’s hard to find suits that are classic yet unusual. Since I’d just bought a suit the previous week, I opted for a printed knit top and skirt that can be worn as a dress or separately. It can be worn with a white jacket or sweater. I also bought a contrasting knit top.

I’ll say it again. It’s expensive, but barring any stains or laundry mishaps, they’ll be the kind of things I can wear for years. I know this because they’re not only cute and classic, but they’re comfortable. I continually hear from my clients that they want clothing that’s comfortable. When you find wonderful quality like this, it can be extremely comfortable.

The more times you wear something, the cost per wearing goes down, leading to VALUE. And you also get the intangible aspect of loving your clothes and feeling fantastic wearing them.

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