Dressing for Four Seasons in One Day

As an addendum to How to Dress in an Arctic Office, I’d like to talk about layering when you’re not working in an office, but you’d still like to maintain a great presence when the temperatures vary vastly throughout the day. For example, how do you dress when you start your day starts at a cool 60°, then the temperatures swell to desert highs? Again, layering!

If you haven’t had the chance to read the last post on this topic, I’d mentioned that “layering” is such a buzz word, but it seems to leave us a little baffled unless we’re heading to the mountains, and yes, we all know how to layer with long johns!

To make layering in the city easiest, be sure that you have a few basic, neutral camisoles/tanks and long sleeved t-shirts in your closet. Tissue weight t-shirts are the ultimate; you know, the ones you look at and think, “I can’t wear this. It’s see through!”

You’ll also need a couple of jackets that aren’t from Lucy or REI. (This is where it gets a little tricky for us Colorado girls!) And if they’re your style, add some summer weight leggings into the mix.

Now that you’ve got a few basics pieces, try these combinations on for size. Then let your imagination run wild through your closet.

-Layer a loose cotton or linen shirt dress over a matching tank and capris or slim pants. Depending on the fit of the dress, wear it open as a duster or belted if you need more shape. To add a little tailoring to your outfit, top it all with a casual fitted blazer. Now you’ve got several “heat sensitive” options. First you can lose the jacket. Next you can lose the pants. Alternatively, you may choose to pare down to the tank and pants with the option of covering up with the jacket.

Or for an extra casual look, (which by the way would be fantastic for travel):

-Layer a white or gray cami/tank with a gray long sleeved t-shirt or henley. Top the combo with a denim jacket. On the bottom consider gray leggings and a white cotton skirt (full or A-line.) Give the whole look a little added femininity with gray or silver ballet flats. As the mercury rises, shed the jacket. Next the long sleeves and leggings come off, leaving you with a cute but bare summer skirt and tank. At this point, especially if you’re conducting weekend business, you may choose to put the denim jacket back on for a non-distracting appearance.

-For more ideas, click here.

Note: A big bag (or trunk) is imperative! While all of this changing may sound tiring, it’s truly possible to maintain a personal comfort zone no matter what season you incur during the day. As always, be sure to accessorize to create a polished appearance whether you’re wearing all of the layers or virtually none.

I encourage you to get into your closet to do a little mixing and matching with your layers. Try them on to see how they feel. And as long as you’re motivated, you might as well take photos of the outfits. (Feel free to contact me if you’d like some help with this.)  Then the next time it happens you’ll be ready for Four Seasons in One Day

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