Delish Demure!

You might read the title Delish Demure and wonder what in the world I’m talking about. Well, Delish Demure is a world of all things womanly, girly and absolutely fabulous! It’s a new (2008) Greenwood Village, boutique I visited with a client on Saturday.

Walking in the front door you’re immediately taken in by the hot pink walls, the very cool crystal chandeliers and the sparkling white marble floor. And although the shop isn’t huge, you’ll want to stay there all day.

Along with the inviting interior, the clothes are fabulous, too! Even in post holiday sale mode, there was plenty to choose. As a wardrobe consultant, I try to encourage my clients from wearing all black, and here there is far more color than I have seen in almost any store recently. What also sets this boutique apart is the range of sizes-they don’t stop at size 4 like so many local boutiques.

Owner, Lauren Metz, has her finger on the pulse of what women want. She told me she buys for women, 40-60; however, her high school aged helper modeled pieces that she couldn’t wait to buy. There’s something for all categories of your life: work, play, evenings out, relaxing and pure indulgence. You’ll find gorgeous colors, sumptuous fabrics and unique, wearable styles all in a to-die-for interior. I can’t wait to go back! For more information, visit

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