Crazy for Platform Wedges

One of the big trends coming for Spring 2011 is an influence of 70’s style. True, one of my style mantras is if you wore it the first time around, you probably shouldn’t wear it the second time around; however, with this resurgence of 70’s styles, comes platform wedges. I wasn’t allowed to wear them the first time around, so I’m really excited to get my hands on a couple of pairs of these!

Besides being able to wear something I was forbidden to wear while I was under my mother’s roof, I’m also looking forward to these shoes, because in the true style, they seem very wearable. What makes platform wedges different from traditional wedges is that the soles are wide, and there is a very gentle slope from heel to toe. I’ve even seen a few that are simply flat platforms with no angle at all. Since I’m battling with tendinitis in my ankle, and most of my clients can’t wear heels, I’m hoping that these shoes will provide the stability many of us need to be able to wear heels again.

Platform wedges look fantastic with bell bottoms, also very big for spring. (I will talk more about these later.) Crazy as it may sound, the look is to wear the pants very, very long covering the shoe. I promise you, they show when you walk and when you sit down. The shoes also look great with longer skirts. I haven’t really decided whether I like these yet, but we’ll see. The point is, the platforms aren’t going to look quite right with a shorter skirt, but they should be fine with a skirt at or a little below the knee if that’s your preference.

So, is anybody with me? Are you excited for these platform wedges? Or do you hate them?

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2 comments on “Crazy for Platform Wedges

  1. I wasn’t allowed to wear them, either! I’m glad to know, however belatedly, that I wasn’t the only one. It sure seemed so at the time!

  2. Ah, and Siobhan, you wouldn’t believe all the other things I wasn’t allowed to wear-all the cool stuff. My mom was not happy once I started buying my own clothes.

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