Crazy for Color

If one of your fashion resolutions or style goals for 2011 is to add more color into your wardrobe, I applaud you and admire you. Color is the element of design that is noticed first and remembered most. Plus in my opinion, color is just fun!

Now then if you’ve made that resolution, but you’re not quite sure how to go about adding the color, I have an easy tip for you.

A POP of color!

Adding a pop of color, particularly a bright color, is a phenomenal way to add interest to an otherwise all neutral outfit. For example if your outfit consists of a black jacket, white blouse, a black/white hounds-tooth check skirt and black shoes, go ahead and swap the white blouse for purple, lime green, hot pink or your favorite bright.

Not interested in changing your top? You can also add that pop of color in your accessories. Instead of black shoes, why not try red or cobalt blue? You will be absolutely amazed at the compliments you’ll get and the way you’ll feel in this more fashion forward look. (A note of caution here: Don’t wear the bright shoes on a presentation day. All eyes will be on your feet. Much of your message will be potentially lost.)

Adding a bright color to a black and white ensemble is pretty easy, but don’t think you can’t add color to your other neutral outfits. I absolutely love wine, amethyst and apple green with brown. Fuchsia can be a great pop of color with camel.

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