Cool Accessorizing

Even when the heat is oppressive like today, it’s still important to your image to accessorize. I personally find that necklaces, especially statement pieces can be hot in the warmer months, (although mostly on really hot days when I’m out and about a lot.) Rather than foregoing jewelry altogether, why not go for an earring-bracelet combination. Stacks of thin bangles and other light weight bracelets are perfect when the mercury rises.

For “off-work” times, leaving your neck bare with an open/low cut or strapless top or dress can be an almost surprising look, leaving you refreshed and cool!

If you feel absolutely naked without a necklace, look to your lighter weight chains and pendants. Consider combining them for a little more of a statement being careful not to make the end effect heavy looking or hot. Another option is to wear longer necklaces on the outside of your blouses instead of against your skin.

The earrings and bracelet pictured are from Rhoda Designs. Rhoda is a local jewelry designer, and whether you’re looking for earrings, bracelets or that special statement necklace, Rhoda’s are absolutely amaaaazing!! (Be sure to tell her Dana Lynch sent you!)

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